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Photos heroic Puntland troops operating in difficult terrain + the march to Galgala

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Originally posted by Thankful:



Many tried and are still trying to make this into some kind of a tribal issue. They want it to be "SSDF" (which we know what this really refers to) vs. another group. However their strategy has fallen short of it's goal -

Can you really blame them for doing that? YOU also do it to those that you appose. Every group uses such occasions for political point scoring. Stop trying to make yourself the victim to the game..We all in this sh!t together.

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"They" are not doing this, it's a small number of their Diaspora who are. It's common throughout the world, the diaspora is usually the most militant and irrational.


My take on what is going on is that Puntland Vice-President Abdisamad, and Interior Minister Ilka-Jiir are the ones in military uniforms and who are touring the battle grounds, to me that shows that this is not an operation conducted by one group. This coupled with the elections that allowed all to run, I believe it shows that Puntland is truly inclusive. There is still a lot of work.


Admit it, it's impressive that Puntland is capable of carrying out these operations and how they have involved leaders from all over the state.

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Originally posted by Sakhar_The:

Vice President Abdisamad and Interiors Minister Ilkajiir in Galgala with heroic soliders on their side





One question:


Why isnt Ilkajiir wearing his Tuute?


Every Puntland leader waers his Tuute when going to battle. Is he trying to say something by not wearing a Tuute?

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