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  1. And the whole city of Galkacyo is SSDF territory. And their land is extended till Cabudwaaq. Its joke. They cant even set a foot on south Galkacyo, let alone cabud waaq.
  2. Duke, why are you ignoring this thread. Please comment on the urgens news and happenings in Galgala.
  3. Again you are distracting SOL participants with completely irrelevant news about another village. Why aren you hijacking the news of the day. Which is that Puntland got karbaash by villagers in Galgala. And that the battle has been going on for months now. Duke, please comment on what is happening daily in Galgala.
  4. Your attempts to distrct the thread is pathetic. But what do you expect from people who cheer for the murdering of their own brothers in Galgala. And who only send their own tribes mate to hospitals in Ethiopia, but leave the rest of the soldiers for rotten.
  5. I support the emanicipation of the the etnic Bantu communities in Somali society. My earlier contribution here on SOL are proof of this, So, your strategy to make me look like a Somali supremecist wont work. Sheeko kale keen!
  6. Some might confuse the picture of the child with a Somali child. I just wanted to clarify the distinction. But the real question is, why are you poluting this thread with nonsense and stuff. What are you trying to hide? Tell us what kind of minerals are you guys searching Galgala. Is it worth all this fuzz??
  7. The topic of the thread is Faroole(in a fancy suit) is visiting kids, he blindly send to their death beds. The picture of the kid was to proof this point. Faroole is killing people. And you are crying like a baby about a picture with a crying baby. Stay on the topic, Thankfull.
  8. Welcome, Another Dhaanto dancer. I do love Dhaanto. Unfortuantly you cant free a country by dancing all night.
  9. Originally posted by Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar: I see Fuleynimo 101 lasoo bandhigay. Waxaas bandhig geesiyeed uma aqaani, midii ugu cabsi badneed u aqaan. Intee foolkooda duubanyahay, fuleynimo iyo karaahiyonimo inay ku socdaan wey ogyihiin. Dad isku kalsoon foolkooda banaanka uu soo dhigi lahaa waxba ma qarsadeen. Why do Koonfurions always get enthusiastic when talking about explosions, killings, beheadings and all this other bloody stuff.
  10. Wonder where our Somali-Ethiopian friends are? Where is A&T? Havent seen him lately. Last time he was here, he crying because his thread was removed.
  11. Warlord Muuse Biixi is the uncle of Xaji Xunjuf. Xaji was prebaring himself for Madaxtooyada as gacanyare. Now his dreams are turned to ashes by Dr.Gaboose. So, I wanna know what Xaji things.
  12. Originally posted by Mr. Somalia: I guess the south, where they are originally from, has lost most of its sparkle and pizazz ever since the shabab boys came into town. Xudeedi, I see what you mean about certain tendencies.
  13. The man hasnt been in Somalia for more then 30 years. He has no grasp for reality. -For years he denied the exitense of Somaliland. -Then he said Somaliland only exist in Hargeysa. -In another article he said the Awdal, Sanaag and Sool folks were forced in to Somaliland, 20 years ago! -He accused Silaanyo of being the first Somali pirate. -Now he proposes that Somaliland take the lead to restore Somalia, and move the capital from Moqadishu to Hargeysa. His statements are full of contradictions. But I agree, he is not an Id!ot. The real Id!ots are the ones who belief he has a solution for Somalia's problem.
  14. Originally posted by Jacaylbaro: quote: Isakhakia Are these the same as the once we call Sijuu? Any Somali-Kenyan who can explain the ins and outs of that community? Or you guys, dont know?
  15. Originally posted by General Duke: Now back to the topic, all of Puntland is booming, while many are claimg Chaos and so on.