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Villa Somalia extends invitation to SSC-Khaatumo leader Cabdulqaadir Axmed Awcali

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4 hours ago, Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar said:

Ciilnimo iga dheh. Maxee hoos secessionist ka yihiin wax badan noo dhuunteen.


That's beyond. But the Federal Government will come Caynaba and Mareeye will be afford his due respect.

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The SNM boys used to say Calanka anaga keenay lixdankii, many Gaas dhagoole from south central Somalia and Puntland kept repeating that fallacy. They were one among four clans who came to Mogadishu. In fact some of them were having second thought few months before union, but the USP party insisted total union.

Everyone should mark this day. If some northern clans used to claim, " we were two governments joined in 1950", today SSC Khaatumo brought the blue flag to Mogadishu voluntarily just as they did 60 years ago.

Look at the delusions of the East Burco boys like Maareeye. SSC is controlling 100km west of Laascaanood to Oog, another 130 km to Garoowe in the east, furthers to the southeast another 160 km to Taleex and another 160 km to Hawd and Buuhoodle. Yet this fool says the village of Caynabo is equal.

Furthermore, Maareeye is one of those airlifted from Sool and Togdheer by the Kacaanka Barakaysan to Sablaale during the drought of 1974. They should be die hard unionists because it was the state not the clan that saved them.

SubhanAllah, these SSC guys are lifting the fake faces of the Hargeisa crowd. Why would anyone want to talk to Biixi now. IT is SSC who decides the future, whether they join Puntland, Have their own state or even join Awdal as one province.

Calankii reer woqoyiga ee midnimada ayaa xamar la keenay. What is left?



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