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“We hate the Shabab,” said mother, Amina Abdullahi Mohamed

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Originally posted by Peacenow:

Castro why should I go away. I'm Somali, i'm entitled to my opinion and I want to express it with like minded people. Why should a person who doesn't agree with your views or a few others. Cause the vast majority here, are silent readers have to leave.


If you can't articulate a coherent argument and islamists never can. Which is why they always lose proper debate, then perhaps it is you that should look at themselves in the mirror.

There are no like minded people here for you. And there's no argument to articulate when all you seem to know is repeat the same regurgitated and same mindless insults disguised as opinions.


All that is good about Somalia and all that is bad you carry on your forehead. Consumed by self-hatred, you can't tell your head from your a$$. One posting you're Somali the next you're a working Italian who hates Arabs and Muslims and blacks and refugees but mostly the very somalis you seem to want to hang around.


Behave like an adult and you'll be treated like one. Behave like a vulgar and bigoted child and you'll be treated like one.


If you are a Somali then the Shabaab, the pirates, the drug dealers, the refugees and even the welfare fiends are all you. You can run but you can't hide.

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While I agree Peacenow is either a self-hater or a non-somali, I don't see anything wrong he said in this thread. Ma wax hore ayaa laga daba socdaa?


Alshabab are cockroaches iyo wax ka daran. Fundamentalists like Shaakirullah are not helping Islam.

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Peacenow is actually very much a typical hardheaded Somali. I can detect it from his style of delivery. He displays some typical Somali hypocritical stances, albeit on the other side of the spectrum. According to him, racism and launching tirades against the offspring of Ishmael, Gypsies, all Muslims in general and Somalis is perfectly rationale. But, "Sirrrr, you musn't, you musn't, speak ill of caucasins and Jews because they wear suits and run the world". he he. The man is a classist- racial supremacist.


He says, " religion is a private matter", yet when a brother posted a video about somali school girls, peacenow famously launched a rant against them simply for wearing hijabs. :D

Despite his "liberal utopianism", I have even picked up on some regionalist and qabilist tendencies from the brother. I might be mistaken though.


icon_razz.gif Yes, I called him brother; peacenow is our brother in blackness and somaliness. We should hold his hand and guide him to the brotherly Muhammedan way too, and not gang up against him. Amen.

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Karl I've also detected those tendencies you speak of, although at times I've had my reservations about who he claims to be. He's a perplexing personalty in that i find myself agreeing with most of his sentiments, although the one aspect that makes me uncomfortable is his implicit anti Islam bias which is conveniently veiled under his anti Arab rants.


Peacenow, I take comfort in the fact that you claim religion is a private matter, i support that. it also indicates in by book that the chance that you are a Muslim is greater, and you being deliberately ambiguous is i think in part to conjure up more debate in this here forum.


Nevertheless on Alshabab (who are not entirely evil)i find myself agreeing with him.


cheers to diversity.

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^^ :D:D @ are not entirely evil. Waraa, waa iga qoslisay.


Continuation of Archdemos logic:


Al_Shabaab are not entirely evil. All they did was bring
to 300,000 square kilometers(land mass greater than Great Britain, Ghana, and Philippnes
) of Somali soil. All they did was liberate the
( look at 0:58 to 1:20) from Jowr al-moooriyaaan ilaa Cadl al-Islaam.


Thusly, they can not be entirely evil. But it is possible that they are
partially evil
given the reports from Waxaa-la-Yiri Express that state they are the spawn of Lucifer himself. And the other report from Tol-ka Times indicating that Al-Shabaab have started cooking and eating human beings alive due to a shortage in food supplies.

Caqligaas aa meeshaan ku haynaa, bal kawarama akhyareey ? Am I seriously expected to share a country with demented maan-gaab folk who cannot distinguish between the propoganda that has been fed to them and reality on the ground ?


Maya, abtiyaal. Somalia oo idil, ka bilaw Zaylac ilaa Kismaayo, hal quwad iyo hal awood oo kaliya aa ka talinayso. Ninkii ka naxaayo ha ka naxo, naagtii ooynaysa'na ha ooyso. Baryo meesha ma taalo. Ama Shareecada Islaam'ka aad uu hogaansamayseen.....ama suffer the consequences of your "better choice".

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I agree with most of what you said Kashafa, however please note propaganda is a two way street my friend. If i am guilty of lapping up what you call Waxaa-la-Yiri Express, you are guilty of only looking at this groups in a partisan and dogmatic way. No doubt you’re a Shabab fanboy.


I do not push the successes of Shababs vital contributions to Somalia and Somalis in general to the back burner. However I am worried by their heinous approach to human rights and the dark foreign figures that hide behind this movement. The shabab of a few years ago (Somali) did have different agenda to that of today’s (internationalist) multi headed hydra.


All i am saying is that there are elements within Shabab that worries me. Not to mention some of their puritanical behavior. Rationality and logic is a just and important part of Islam.


There’s no need to insult one another brother, I am a Somali and Muslim like you, so I hope we can find common ground and educate each other so we can come to some middle ground on this most vital of matters.


Ps! On the total UN food ban, i found myself supporting their endeavours. And yes some of their behaviour (well corroborated) has been most wicked.

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