2023 PL regional football tournament

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colorful, especially the blue. beautiful people.

Peaceful regions like Puntland and Somaliland should be doing this regularly. Somali youth every where love to play sports and the public would like to watch , yet the chance to play or watch has been denied. For the last 13 years, despite having ministers for sports, maybe two or three times has been held in Somaliland. 

I wonder whether the aid agencies had provided the money since nothing is done without them.

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No aid agencies involved. Did you observe how many young people for the turnout, esp. ladies? I did not realise ladies were into sports that much. I did observe similar thing in SL for the regional games, and for the Fed. States in Xamar, and those too were impressive.

4 hours ago, maakhiri1 said:

Thanks, very positive news

Is it broadcasted on YouTube

Daljir streams it on its fb. So does PL tv.

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