Kenya perceives a ‘Global Somalia’

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Kenya needs strategic mindset to engage ‘global Somalia’
It is my thesis that the future of the ‘Kenyan nation’ remains uncertain as long as the country has no grand strategy to harness the potential of the new ‘global Somalia’ and to tame its demons. Unavoidably, the kernel of Kenya’s grand strategy must be Jubaland — the Alsace–Lorraine of the Horn of Africa.
The second phase, 1991-2023, is the age of globalisation that saw the rise of the new ‘global Somalia’ followed the overthrow of Barre in 1991, the collapse of the Somali state, civil war and refugee influx. By 2023, the Somali nation is estimated at 26.24 million people in 25 countries, including 17.1 million in Somalia, 4.6 million in Ethiopia, 2.8 million in Kenya, 534,000 in Djibouti and the rest in the Somali diaspora or ‘Qurbajoogta’ in all corners of the world.

Global Somalia, way larger than the 16 million-strong global Jewry, is the most strategic nation in the Horn.


Kenya needs broad-based cooperation against Al-Shabaab and safeguard its national integrity and sovereignty.


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Two factors explain why Jubaland, which was always an integral part of Britain’s ‘Greater Kenya’, was hewed out of Kenya. 

s0237.gif s0237.gif s0237.gif

After secessionists, Kiikuuyada are the second most worshippers of anyrhing Ingiriis Cadde did during gumeysigiisa xumaa.

This same author used to cheerlead Axmed Madoobe and was fervently against a strong Soomaali nation for years. After Xasan Socdaal's selection, seeing how suddenly Soomaaliya's rise made a reverse, he changed his opinion because he doesn't think Soomaaliya is a threat now under Xasan Socdaal.

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