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They look extremely unprepared, poor, corrupted, lack of training, no  equipments, their bases are so astonishing ,  poorly equipped,  nothingness to protect from hash elements, few tanks from 1970s erra and non of them work, just to scare people. 

All these while fat cats like Nuh Tahi, Ina kaahin, Muse kids enriched themselves, care only about themselves. 

I am waiting Galbeedi's insight 

We will learn for generations the level delusional,  arrogance these people have, especially those from diaspora who are now  in mourning and shocked. 


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2 minutes ago, Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar said:

Waxa igu yaab badnaa dad dagaal ku jiro oo haddana marqaan session u fadhiyo, as high as cirka. They are seriously marqaanheads. I guess it starts with Muuse Muqayil.

Have you seen their bases ,that they run away? Astonishing,  I remember seeing Jabhadiihii in 1990s, they had better facilities,  like tents 

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Xirooyinka xoolaha ku yaalo dhulalka saxaraha look better than these so-called 'military bases' these marqaanheads vacated.

Muuse Muqayil achieved the treble:

1) - Exposing their decades-long lies about victimhoods iyo waa nala xasuuqay. Iyagaa wax xasuuqi today and witnessed by Soomaali oo dhan.

2) - The secessionists lies of the only 'peaceful democracy' region in Soomaaliya to achieve elusive aqoonsi. It has officially died and buried deeply. Muuse showed beesha caalamka ee caabudaan what Waqooyi truly is.

3) - His militia is nothing more than drug-addicted marqaanheads. Imagine kuwii afka duubnaa haddee weerari lahaayeen hoteel Hargeysa ku yaalo. It would have taken a month to remove them, if at all.

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