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General Duke

Mohamed Dhere: Briliant interview

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Duke Sahaaf



Duke Evidence no:2

I must say that this failure is not one that will affect me any more than you. For the uncle of mine you are refering to I think is the President of that war torn and drought stricken nation. So being equal as we are, I dont get your point.

Evidence |No:3

It seems like Mohamed Dheere has served his purpose.



Evidence No:4

Who should one address here?The meaning behind this topic is stright forward Mr Dheere was useful but no more, so what must the President do, simple suprise us a little bit more. Thats my advice. As for the warlords they have bigger problems then Mr YEY, their masters are results driven, will they get the men on the wanted list, can they?

Will the MP's from Mogadishu support the new alliance?


It is not over till the fat lady sings, the warlords are in a real dilema, their opposition to Yey can no longer mask their incompetence and ********* . The clan card has blown up. I am all powerful because I posses forty technicals means very little since last week.

Evidence No:5

If you have not heard the warlord era is over, dont take my words for it, but that of Qaybdeed, Dheere, and of course Mohamed Qaynyare.

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Abwan the warlord era is over. The clan court era never begun.

Now everyone warlord or otherwise wants to work for the governemnt they so desperately opposed.


Even Ahmed Diriye & Abdullahi Shiekh Xasan have changed their tune.


Oh do not forget the traders who handed over their weapons to the TFG today.

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