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Hysterical and crying - Taariikhdan gabayo ha laga tiriyo?

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I think they  genuinely believed  that we Will run away ,  from Their booto and baroor.    I am not gonna lie Their women were More effective than their men.     Maalmihihi hore waynu khalkhalnay , perhaps may be we didn't kill any body for ages.    Imika laakiin dilka iyo dhiigaba waa la qabsanay .   Belaayo bay faraha inoo geliyeen, macalaa aabahood Ku yaal. 

 Kani waa ina jabuutaawi wiilkiisii najiib  Shaluu Ku daayey.  Odaygii jabuutaawi ee farxaanka ahaa  laftiisa oohin meel la fadhiya


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In kasta oo in badan la hadal hayo Gooja Cade, hadana maha goob dagaal. Wali hal qof kuma dhiman Gooja cade, iska daa rasaas lala soo gaadho. Waa meel amaan ah, aroos yo ayaa lagu qabtaa, xaflado ayaa lagu qabtaa. 

Baashaalka Goojacade


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Total defeat.  They have been preparing 3 months  for the last battle and They failed to gain anything.   From military point of view these guys has no chance against the national army, it's impossible for them to push back the  army.    The militias are funded and  controlled by puntland, Somalia. If we have to talk to any one in the future it must be  puntland or  The federal government.   We should never entertain to talk to garaad jaamac and his terrorists.  He can talk to buurmadaw if he wants.

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