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Lets Map Somalia....

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^^^Nafta - sidaad u ogtahay'ba Soomaalida badankood wexey u badan yihiin dadka waxba qorin iyo aqrinin. Hasa ahaatee...diinteena daraadeed hadaan soomali nahay weligeenba waxaan soo dhigan jirnay Dugsi Quraan..taas waad ka hadli kartaa...hope u find this lil info useful (I'm in a hurry now therefore can't talk about it in more depth)


Ps, did u mean nxt wk thursday....or am I 2 l8?

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sweeter than your tea (phew breathes out)...Wow arn't you the early bird, thursday's passed already hun icon_razz.gif:D


I already took it to the printers, and after hassling some good natured somali elders, I got what I was after. Thanks for replying and sharing your two cents though smile.gif


To the rest, THANKS A BUNCH! Now I know not to count on you for when I need help!


slams door shut on way out

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