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DP-Dead Politics~

Check how I Topic this~

Repping for my Populous~

Grown to be Silent as a Sniper is~

Mind yo Bizz, money is politics~


Poor die Poor, and the rich die Rich*


Direct manage, use your neighbours for Damage!*


My War is Grown, Now America is my Home,


What to do with this Chrome?


Mind stuck in Crime


Buying Time, fighting this line


Could be a Punch rhyme


Think blind, And~Be~For~Sure~To~Fall~Behind!


My soldierz Man'Up!


I Ran Up, to see them dead'Naw!


Would be a Dead Politicking!


They were suppose to be with the U.N


Who makes it throught the End?


Leave it on a Prapaganda State-Men


Kidnaped for a Government Comment


On the Headlines, Deadly News made it seem


like a falling Commet!


Brush of Bush put Obama and the watch



A Formation for a Drama


No period begin a New Comma


Facing Guns and Religion


For them; Death and God must be Switching


Going out of their minds, lossing vision


In the Oil Plantation Mission



War outside when there is no Peace inside

Sad theses they recite...







None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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