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Dear Almighty Allah.

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I stand alone in this empty room

a mere man before your very own kingdom

Lord..I'm lost and you've found me

but this time..this time guide me through

the fire burns in amber silence..a silhouette of prayer

laments the darkness but here Lord

here there are no shadows nor hypocrisy

no sorrow and no pain just the innocence

help... please I need your help God

to see your hands molding

the cold figure lying before you

i want to touch the very air and know that it's you

i want faith that moves mountains to crumble

waters to part because of your presence

humble me...make me a servant to your word

so I can write again and be myself again

I'm praying for your help again and again

release the chains and break my boundaries

rend the heavens and rekindle my soul

free the fire burning inside until all I speak is you

all I seek is you and all I breathe is you

i worship you and you alone for all I need is you

tear the curtain that is blinding my soul

to rethread the needle and sow together

the patches of hope held by my heart

i believe in you...please don't leave me

i want to grow in faith and in strength

please guide me through the righteous path

be merciful to my heart and soul.


Peace,Love & Unity.

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Dear Almighty Allah.


Please forgive me for my sins and all the ills

be merciful and bless the soul of my beloved mother

protect your loyal servant that is my humble & loving father

keep the flames of your love burning within the souls of my sisters

be kind & be the sole guardian over my dear brothers

guide my friends to the right path and to their dreams

forgive all those that have shown me nothing but love

let your light shine upon all those that despise me

plant the seeds of your love within the hearts of those that hate me

take my nightmares away and replace them with sweet dreams

cure all the painful wounds and heal all my hidden scars

dry all the painful tears and erase all my fears

keep my heart pure and save me from the hurt

keep my tongue clean and my thoughts gleam

steer me away and far from the wealth of an orphan

save me and my soul from the devil’s sinful temptation

keep my body pure from everything that is impure

guide me to a spiritual life and bless me with a good wife

purify my soul and soften my path with a strong faith

show me the way to a life full of joy and unending bliss

when I die I pray to be among those you grant Jannatul Ferdosa

for i pray to meet the beloved prophet (p.b.u.h) and kiss his feet

my creator, my guardian, my shining light..that is all I pray for and need.



Peace,Love & Unity.

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WOW, Masha-allah brother that was really deep subhana-allah you'll make people cry....keep them coming though...cuz i am loving it...Jazaka-allah!

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