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trust is a sensual demon:

always taking, never teasing me awake,

but comforting me regardless.


You have taken a finger to the honey-pot:

chosen to spoil the clarity of comfortable perception,

and spilt my purpose.


Search out the clue to silence:

investigate the drive to talk,

and find a way to regain comfort.

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Are we having trust issues?


I kid! on a serious note, very nice drop and straight to the point.


Rock on dude!

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No Trust just pure lies and Kickin'Dust

Gun horney, Alwaays'Ready toBust!

With more dolls than Toys-R-Us

Am Rude, too cold to Lust!

My whole click is Cookoo...With lot of Boocu-

Mad Emmo, no we don't play with the Two'Two!

Fake with me, my realness will Shoot'You.

Think wise b4 u step on my shoes

Think twice b4 u stick up my juice

Think lies to convice me the truth

They violated Islam! am goin after their troops!

They sending me Arm'Forces am sending back their Boots!

They BomB They Selfe, Cause They Feeling The Bruse!

And I, Never Fear or Worry!

With more Romance than a Love Story!

Horror am like Terror Teritory!

Fail my Devil, Yes am Glory!


Who's Getting This?

I don'know!

You Getting This?

I don'Know!

It's Just-Justice-Trust!

I don'know!

Why Lust Adjust Us?

I don'Know!




I know they read me like the Holy'Quran!

DeadlyVision the FBI ready to Bond.

James 007 kid I blast the Sound!

Islam means peace dont give Jihaad reason to Bomb!

Peace to Gone I wonder why they aint killing Saddom...

Why they ain't found Osama? that nigga Jumped a Gun!

Never claimed 911...

But promised they'will'never'Sleep' They will'never'Sleep!

But Promised they'will'never'Sleep' They will'never'Sleep!

And out came the sleeper I mean the Snipper something Mohamed!

And Anthrax was jokes like it was made by a Commic-

Chicken Box, What The Fox? with more moves than Supper Sonic!....








None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!




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thanks dudette appreciate your comment. trying to gain an understanding of trust. I strongly believe in trust being implicit until it is proved misplaced, that one should trust everyone and everything without prejudice until that person or thiong discounts that trust.


DeadlyVision very nice. :eek: :D

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Nice 1 my brother...i loved it, keep them coming.



Nice 1 Bro...

1 Luv to both of you.


Peace,Love & Unity.

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thanks BOB, hmmm why does everyone keep on calling me a bro? :D last time I checked I was 100% women -- and still am. :mad: *nods*

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It's Time!


War Time War Time Making Your Whats Mine~

Listen look feel am Fine!

These suckers reel my mind

Get me on lock I fall behind

6months Dead Time!

Damn judge just pulled me case

Same guilty alligations they Rewind

Feeling half dead in slavery phase

Amongs angery men trying to burry my face

They lie say they my friend than they worry my race!

I been down up and around still got 'em hatting how I sound

So profound I may clown but agile to POP that Pownd

Drop that noun, bag his body in the trunk trip him to outa'Town!

Am wild with it...

They marked me Deadly death is all I vision in every sight

Deep like how a good Sheikh recite insight

Ok am wrong O'right, I sound better than Kanye at his Best!

Yea' hold Gatz to panetrate through 50s vest am hallow head fist

See I rhyme off balance but I like it like that

No for you for me to express not impress just to address_

again I like it like that!

To those who know me F'You hate me when u see me

Cause behind my back u know u bitter, and yea

I like it like that!

Phase to Face I bling wrist ur days, girl u know ama be the one always

And u like it like that!

Daputed on my own in 79 now I still role alone with my hon and

I like it like that

Who to trust no one

Safty of my gun

Yea' I like it like that

...Aaa U got the point* F'em all trust no one!

Sweet mixing in bitter!

2 all my friends and foes play safe when u see me your free to hate after am gone

No Trust, And I Like It Like That!...ChieA







None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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