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MIssing YoU

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Missing You

Have you ever bothered to realize

how much you mean to me?

I care so much for you inside

and miss you so deeply.


My mind is always curious about

the way things might have been.

As days go by and time goes by,

I look back once again.


All the time I held you in my arms,

I had the whole world right there.

There you were, comforting me with

all of your charms.


Every little kiss from you

was like a dream come true.

This love that I have inside my heart,

it all belonged to you!


It's funny, all those little things

I never thought I'd miss,

Like all those conversations we had,

or the first time we kissed.


I guess that what I'm trying to say,

is I miss and love you more each day!

It hurts me not to see you,

or not to know if you're ok.


I want you to understand

that I loved you from the start.

And I want you to know,

no matter how many miles

we may be apart,

you'll always hold a special place

in my heart.

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I desire love

I long for the truth

want to hear only your sweet voice

want to be with you and you alone

there's a hunger in my soul

that yearns for your presence

I can't constantly wait for you

because time isn't my best mate

I need to be needed by you

beg to be cared for by you

five minutes doesn't satisfy me

I require more like Forever

If I'm gone, I need you to notice

want you to be aware that I'm away

If not, you'll find those "Others"

who will lead your heart astray

when my smile has dissapeared

you should know if you're the reason

I need you to have goals for our future

like"we'll be together in three seasons"

my heart shouldn't have to feel pain

because of who you are

don't open old wounds in my heart

please don't do it

please notice the scars

don't apply for a job

in which you don't wish to be hired

so can you handle the workload

and satisfy my hearts desire?



Nice 1 Simple Sista.


Peace, Love & Unity.

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Wow, beautiful poems Simple_Sista and BOB. I haven't been on here for a while but I had to post a little something of my own (an inspiration from you guys).


I Miss You


I can feel it through my veins,

Taste the absence of what remains,

Prediction at it’s best,

Yet you haven’t even left,

I remain to disclose,

I can feel it my bones,

I’m missing you…


A piece of me has fallen,

Trailing right behind you,

Waiting for you to pick it up,

And return what you threw,

You’re not even half way out the door,

And it seems impossible,

That I’m missing you…


Is this what it’s like?

The tension, the suspense,

That you’d walk back,

And come back to your sense,

But you never left, you stayed,

You never really was gone,

I must be insane,

Because I’m missing you…


.:love and peace:.

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i am dedicating this piece to one special person..


i wonder if you missed me

i wonder if you missed the love we shared

i wonder if you missed my warmth

i wonder if you missed the moments we shared

i wonder if you think of me

when you drive by our favorite spot

and see two people holding hands

i wonder if you think of me

when you see the moonlight

Remember that night, a beautiful night unlike any other night, setting on top of your car parked next to a lovely peacefull lake, music on the background, holding each-others so intimately , watching the stars so closely, wishing for shooting star.

At that moment, i wished the night never ended..

At that moment, i wanted to give you the world..

At that moment, i yearned for your innocent love..

i wonder if you missed me

missed the fun and amusing times we had..

Remember the bridge above the river, we used to go there to enjoy the nature, it was like our runaway spot from people and the city pollution.

i wonder if you missed me

is my picture still in your wallet?

do you gaze at it for minutes, and wished i was there?

i wonder if you missed me

do you hug your pillow tight?

and wished i was between your arms?

kissed my picture and wished it goodnight..


to be continued...i have a class, gotta run

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