THere was no attempted coup in Djibouti, but a power struggle among the corrupt family.

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Most of Somali social media and other internet sites took the bait from the Omar Geelle family and proclaimed that an attempted coup has been foiled by the regime. We were told that Djibouti police chief colonel C/laahi Cabdi have been arrested and military chief general Zakariye is under investigation. Also a dozen or so officers were either detained or put under house arrested. Furthermore, the Djibouti budget minister was also arrested for authorization the theft of $1.5 million dollars from the Djibouti central bank.


No one excatly knows the main reason behind these moves, but our informed Djiboutian friends beg to defer what the Omar Geelle family is masquerading as foiled coup. Couple of unusual events had taken place prior to the recent arrests. 


Few weeks ago,  a recording of private conversation between Omar Geelle and the police chief have been released to the media. In the conversation Geelle was asking the police chief to deliver a threatening message to  one of the opposition members. In it Geelle said, " Tell him that he could insult me or say whatever he wants against me , but if he interferes with my children and their business, I will put a pullet in his head". THe old despot means business. XAbad baan madaxa kaa saari.


There was a debate whether the recording voice was authentic or doctored. Yet, the biggest dilema was how this private coversation between these two powerful men had been recorded and released. Later it was revealed that the police chief have been recording the enemies of the regime for the last 15 years. Unbeknown to many people in Djibouti, including the Geelle family, the chief also acquired a very sophisticated spyware equipment since 2015. The chief got the Pegasus Spyware which can be covertly installed on mobile phones and other devices  These spywares allowed the police chief to track calls and have access to speakers and even cameras. The man knows the extensive actions of Omar Geelle including his dealings with Somali bankers who facilitate money transfers throughout the region, his connection with Biixi family and even the long going conflict in  Sanaag that was difficult to stop. The Djibouti opposition says that there was even a recording of Geelle saying he either had to  depose Farmaajo or assassinate him. Furthermore, all kind of nasty things by the Ivorian son in law of Omar Geelle have beeb circulating inside Djibouti for months. Since SOL is a family site, we will not discuss further those alegations.


The Djibouti opposition believes that the police chief had recorded every conversation he had with the president and other intelligence officers close to Geelle and his wife. No one knows the reason, but he probably thought to use these recordings if his life were threatened by the Geelle family. Omar Geelle had killed many years ago Yasin Yaabe,  the police chief before the current one  and the chief of the Gendarmerie in mysterious ways. The former police chief had died in jail and the other one died due to suicide. His family said the man had five bullet wounds which is contrary to a suicide.


As of now, the justice ministetry had released a presecutorial comunication claiming to be investigating " the police director and the budget minister"  for the release of audio recording and other crimes..


So Geelle had issues to deal with. So, the family decided to take advantage of the opportunity to settle scores and prepare for the future. Despite the public appearances, Geelle is sick, old and weak to handle many internal issues in Djibouti. It is mainly handled by the wife and  group of clansmen who are in charge of the security apparatus.. THe head of the republican guard, the military chief and the intelligence chief who are all cousins manage all issues pertaining to security. These Mamaasen men intend to eventually pick up the next leader of Djibouti. 


Folks, the internal power struggle of the family had started. The security men, with the help of the police chief want to install either the oldest son of Omar Geelle, Liibaan, who is a construction businessman not interested in politics or their own close cousin from the family. All that talk is only for future considerations when Geelle expires or incapacitated by illness. 


The wife wants to crown her own son whom she had with the former prime minister of Djibouti who is Affar. While Omar Geelle was chief of the secret sevice and chief cabinet, he forced the late prime minister of Djibouti to divorce his wife accusing him of being drank. Some say that the former Afar premier would not had accepted to divorce his wife unless Omar Geelle had some damaging information from the man. Geelle  then married her . She had a dauther and son from that marriage. 


Now , Najiib Abdalla Kamil, the son of the former Affar prime minister is being groomed to take over from his step father Geelle. Just last few weeks he was appointed the " the director of the directors". A bogus title that puts him in charge of supervising government ministries. Soon, just like Hirsi Gaab of Somaliland and Omar Geelle in the eighties, this kid is going to be " Chief of Cabinet " . In order to rise up and prop his way, the Djibouti opposition is claiming that he was the one who cashed the $1.5 million-dollar withdrawn from the central bank while forgeying the signature of the budget minister. The minister had denied authrozing the money and claimed his innocence in front of the parliament, but was arrested this week. 


In order for the wife to crown her son, she must eliminate the old guards and the Mamaasan clansmen who are on the way. The biggest them of all is  Zakariye Sheik Ibrahim, the septuagenarian general who is in charge of the army for the last 40 years, the head of Gendarmerie and the police chief. AS of this week, the police chief is under arrest ,and he has been already replaced by a close family member from Omar Geelle subclan.  Zakeriye is being investigated and the head of gendarmerie has been replaced by an Affar man. The next move of the family will be to depose the so called , " Harsul Jamuri" chief with some new face from the family. For years, I used to hear how this Najib guy hated Geelle and might even kill him one day due to what he did to his father. The wife also might get the opportunity to remove the Geelle clansmen who denied her family the full control of the state.


Yet, we have been all fed about a coup attempt by a police chief who was the only none Mamaasan seniour officer in the whole security apparatus. 


It is had to sift through the disinformation from all sides at the moment. Either the released recording of two weeks ago  between Geelle and the police chief was a plot to frame the later, or as our Djiboutian freinds calim,  the man has some damaging information from the family and he will either be asked to furnish the secret or die in jail. They usually paint the walls of the jail with some dangerous chemicals and the prisoner develops some serious respiratory decease and he dies within a year or less. Either way, whether he talks or not he is a dead man walking. 


Meanwhile the raw sewage is flooding Djibouti streets and public service salary has been delayed for the last few months. On the otherside, Tony, ther Ivorian son in law,  is flying with private jet and has even brought former premier league players from Ivory Coast to come and play in Djibouti. If this corrupt family tries to hold on to power for another 45 years, Djibouti will collapse from their greed.


In the late seventies, one of the sons of Siyaad Barre got a Yugoslavian girl freind and suddeenly he made ger pregnant and he wanted to marry her and bring to Somalia. The late president said:


" Waar ayadoo gabdhihii Soomaaliyeed dalka Buuxaan miyaad la i odhan wiilkii madaxweynaha ayaa naag Ajeeniba guursaday" 

Wiilkii qandhuuftiisii bu dib y leqay. 


Djibouti waxa helay qoys gudaha ka qudhmay.


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There has been a wave of Coup in the Francophone nations in West Africa. It seems there is a pattern to this too, they all seem to be targeting nations whose head of state is too close to the Chinese or is trying to pivot to the East. And certainly Ismail Omar Gheele seems to be falling into this category. 


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3 hours ago, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

Leave the royal family of Djibouti alone galbeedi they are honourable people 

Xaaji waan ka hadhay boqortooyada, I wish they were hounrable.


9 minutes ago, baala xoofto said:

nations whose head of state is too close to the Chinese or is trying to pivot to the East. And certainly Ismail Omar Gheele seems to be falling into this category

That is a good point. 

I was just reading an article by the British telegarph today, and they mentioned how Djibouti is becoming the Berlin of 1950's where the western nations faced the communist block. EVeryone is talking about the Chinese base. No one knows how many soldiers are in the base or how they even they landed through the air or by ship. The Chinese don'r intract with the local and don't leave their base. 

The western diplomats don't know what is going on behind the barbed wires and the concerete building.

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