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muslim sis


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now I wanna share wit ya at This One~


I Was Already Dead! :(


When I listened to the whispers of Shaitaan in my head


As music lyrics were on my tongue as I got ready for bed


Getting in the car and blasting the radio


Listening to Alternative, R & B, Desi while driving through the Ghetto


Falling victim to the Devil's trap


The lyrics talkin about sex, violence and selling crack




I can't believe that was me!


Like Allah says "their ears have been sealed"


But no way was I gonna let the Devil put his spell


I wasn't gonna treat my soul to the tortures of eternal Hell


So I took my hand and turned the knob


I had turned this little Shaitan completely off!

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asalama alaykum wrhmtullahi wabarakatu


masha allaah bro & sis,s in islam I Appreciated your replies, Deadly nice one bro, batuulo thnk you sis for your beautiful poem, may allah reward you to jannah, complex you are right bro, every one w'll pass away.


batuulo i have more poem make ready to write ;)


They say:



Atleast we pray 5 times a day

Good to knw... Good to say



She says:



At least I cover all my hair

though my clothing bad... bout my scarf I care



He says:



At least my topee is on my head

no beard, pants low .......but my identity I dont shred



At least is all that we can say

At least we dont follow

ALL the kuffar way



Sure we fib and we lie.. and we take some intrest too

but not go deep as most others do



We knw we are muslims that is what counts

it is on that belief to jannah we'll mount



We live in a age.. we have to agree

compromise this deen a bit.. or else u see



We wont be accpted, we'll be cussed and be rot

our religion and deen will not be sought



Well the dread is yours Because of this ATLEAST of yours



On that dreadful day when u wake from clay

brushing the dust and frightened you'll say



Oh my Lord I am muslim I believed in u so

At least I accepted this faith from that of the foe



Send me to Firdous.. In Jannah I'll dwell

make my eternity.. save me from hell



He'll say then



Well Firdous is for the righteous, who acted so I said

For you my servent, you will lie in hells bed

Till you realize u've wronged by not doing what I said

and the same to the others, whom also you led



Your punishment you'll pay.. then u can enter jannah when done

you can have the pleasure after, first pay for the fun



But My lord they will cry.. as they are fled into hells nile

Relax.... he will say.. ATLEAST its only for a little while.


isn't nice ;)

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Be Thankful!


Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire,

If you did, what would there be to look forward to?



Be thankful when you don't know something

For it gives you the opportunity to learn.



Be thankful for the difficult times.

During those times you grow.



Be thankful for your limitations

Because they give you opportunities for improvement.



Be thankful for each new challenge

Because it will build your strength and character.



Be thankful for your mistakes

They will teach you valuable lessons.



Be thankful when you're tired and weary

Because it means you've made a difference.



It is easy to be thankful for the good things.

A life of rich fulfillment comes to those who are also

thankful for the setbacks.



GRATITUDE can turn a negative into a positive.

Find a way to be thankful for your troubles and they

can become your blessings.

--------May Allah guide us all.(ameen)

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Assalamu Alaikum,


Muslim Sis: I'm a female, just like you. Don't let the user name and pic confuse you insha'Allah. Jazzak'Allahu khayran.


Fee Amaanillah

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Asalamuu Alaykum,


wow, i really needed that poem to get me on track..


isn't it funny all those things you said,

how we can't just act so dumb and lose our head.


Isn't it hilarious how we play these games,

but we never have the time to pray in allah's name.


And living in america isn't it sad,

we can't wake up to the prayers we got it bad.


but isn't it wonderful for people like you,

who write beautiful poems that are so so true.



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The End

>>>> > It was early in the morning at four,

>>>> > When death knocked upon a bedroom door,

>>>> > Who is there? The sleeping one cried.

>>>> > I'm Malkul Mawt, let me inside.

>>>> > At once, the man began to shiver,

>>>> > As one sweating in deadly fever,

>>>> > He shouted to his sleeping wife,

>>>> > Don't let him take away my life.

>>>> > Please go away, O Angel of Death!

>>>> > Leave me alone; I'm not ready yet.

>>>> > My family on me depends,

>>>> > Give me a chance, O please prepense!

>>>> > The angel knocked again and again,

>>>> > Friend! I'll take your life without a pain,

>>>> > Tis your soul Allah requires,

>>>> > I come not with my own desire.

>>>> > Bewildered, the man began to cry,

>>>> > O Angel I'm so afraid to die,

>>>> > I'll give you gold and be your slave,

>>>> > Don't send me to the unlit grave.

>>>> > Let me in, O Friend! The Angel said,

>>>> > Open the door; get up from your bed,

>>>> > If you do not allow me in,

>>>> > I will walk through it, like a Jinn.

>>>> > The man held a gun in his right hand,

>>>> > Ready to defy the Angel's stand.

>>>> > I'll point my gun, towards your head,

>>>> > You dare come in; I'll shoot you dead.

>>>> > By now the Angel was in the room,

>>>> > Saying, O Friend! Prepare for you doom.

>>>> > Foolish man, Angels never die,

>>>> > Put down your gun and do not sigh.

>>>> > Why are you afraid! Tell me O man,

>>>> > To die according to Allah's plan?

>>>> > Come smile at me, do not be grim,

>>>> > Be Happy to return to Him.

>>>> > O Angel! I bow my head in shame,

>>>> > I had no time to take Allah's Name.

>>>> > From morning till dusk, I made my wealth,

>>>> > Not even caring for my health.

>>>> > Allah's command I never obeyed,

>>>> > Nor five times a day I ever prayed.

>>>> > A Ramadan came and a Ramadan went,

>>>> > But no time had I to repent.

>>>> > The Hajj was already FARD on me,

>>>> > But I would not part with my money.

>>>> > All charities I did ignore,

>>>> > Taking usury more and more.

>>>> > Sometimes I sipped my favorite wine,

>>>> > With flirting women I sat to dine.

>>>> > O Angel! I appeal to you,

>>>> > Spare my life for a year or two.

>>>> > The Laws of Quran I will obey,

>>>> > I'll begin SALAT this very day.

>>>> > My Fast and Hajj, I will complete,

>>>> > And keep away from self-conceit.

>>>> > I will refrain from usury,

>>>> > And give all my wealth to charity,

>>>> > Wine and wenches I will detest,

>>>> > Allah's oneness I will attest.

>>>> > We Angels do what Allah demands,

>>>> > We cannot go against His commands.

>>>> > Death is ordained for everyone,

>>>> > Father, mother, daughter or son.

>>>> > I'm afraid this moment is your last,

>>>> > Now be reminded, of your past,

>>>> > I do understand your fears,

>>>> > But it is now too late for tears.

>>>> > You lived in this world, two score and more,

>>>> > Never did you, your people adore.

>>>> > Your parents, you did not obey,

>>>> > Hungry beggars, you turned away.

>>>> > Your two ill-gotten, female offspring,

>>>> > In nightclubs, for livelihood they sing.

>>>> > Instead of making more Muslims,

>>>> > You made your children non-Muslims.

>>>> > You ignored the Mua'dhin Adhaan,

>>>> > Nor did you read the Holy Quran.

>>>> > Breaking promises all your life,

>>>> > Backbiting friends, and causing strife.

>>>> > From hoarded goods, great profits you made,

>>>> > And your poor workers, you underpaid.

>>>> > Horses and cards were your leisure,

>>>> > Moneymaking was your pleasure.

>>>> > you ate vitamins and grew more fat,

>>>> > With the very sick, you never sat.

>>>> > A pint of blood you never gave,

>>>> > Which could a little baby save?

>>>> > O Human, you have done enough wrong,

>>>> > You bought good properties for a song.

>>>> >

>>>> > When the farmers appealed to you,

>>>> > You did not have mercy, tis true.

>>>> > Paradise for you? I cannot tell,

>>>> > Undoubtedly you will dwell in hell.

>>>> > There is no time for you to repent,

>>>> > I'll take your soul for which I am sent.

>>>> > The ending however, is very sad,

>>>> > Eventually the man became mad

>>>> > With a cry, he jumped out of bed,

>>>> > And suddenly, he fell down dead.

>>>> > O Reader! Take moral from here,

>>>> > You never know, your end may be near

>>>> > Change your living and make amends

>>>> > For heaven, on your deeds depends.

>>>> > If this poem inspires you,

>>>> > It can help someone too.



p.s i hope you take this into consideration, and i would like to say that this peice of work was forwaded to me by e-mail, however in contribution to what the author stated: "funny how you can send a thousand 'jokes' through e-mailand they spread like wildfire but when you start sending messages regarding lord people think twice about sharing" i can't express in words the inner emotions i am feeling right now, it took how long to just send this emial, scary.............FUNNY!

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MahsaAllah...u guys are off the hook!


"dear God 4give me,

for i have sinned,

i feel wretched black and ugly,

from within,

you have answered

each prayer of mine,

everything for me ,

you have mad fine,

but i 4got your cause ,

to think of you,

i mad no pause,

now i have problems

what do i do?

once again,

i turn 2u. "<---ANON


from this day forth ,

i know what i'll do,

ill struggle and strive,

for that day,

when i'll meet You,

you blessed me,

protected me,

educated me,

gave me life,

gave me health,

gave me heart,

gave me wealth,

gave me mind,

and mad me smart.


peole are dying ,you mad me safe,

people are scared, you mad me brave,

i am human and i feel weak,

without You Lord, im in complete.

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