Sh Aweys Al-qadiri and the narrative of him being killed by the butcherer Sayidka.-Lies by Idajaa in VOA interview.

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In highly criticised interview made the famous abwaan Idajaa who has for 40 years used his mouth brag about his beloved Sayid made an interview regarding why Sayidka killed Sh-Aweys. Before Idajaa would  say "The sayid  saalixiya sufi order did not mean it and some extremist dervishes did the act". 2021 He finally said that Shaykh Aweys who spread Islam the Qaadaria with its ofshoot uweysiya into Malawia, tanzania, Kenta, Congo, he said that the martyr had agreed with italians to be buffert with Italians  and was there for agent for colonilists. Indeed Shaykh Awes al barawi is without a doubt the greatest Somali , second is Axmed Gurey. He was the one who gave the fatwa that the mug of a infidel is naajis. After the Italians had bombed Hamarwayne the banaadiri tribes were conquered by the Italians and  Sheeikh aweys went into  deeper side of Somalia. I strongly say that he is the one and only Somali that Somalis have written about as historical academic sources. His 40 diciples were spread south and north. Regarding him being a colonial stooge, Shaykh Aweys belived in passive resistance and withholding the faith when Italians where in a hurry with missionary work. In Eritrea the bilen and saho people   and nomads who are cushitc , 15% of them became catholics.   Why did they succeed when in Eritrea but failed miserably in Somalia?

Shaykh Aweys respons to this question in book Jawhadatal nofoos  " My love for him (Muhammed all, and protecting it (imaanka)  from them (colonialits) shall be my destination.  Shaykh Aweys al Baraawi made dikri somali lyrics,  when the chants became in Somali and Somalis could understand it hard for them to convert. An italian Phd scholar, a woman wrote that germans could not do any missionary amongst the tanzanian oweysiiya ,  

Nobody today knows that the head of SYL, sakhawadiin was the son of Shaykh Aweys,  Barre , the kacaan government did not want to a conflict  but decided to choose Sayidka, a man who cursed tribes and shed muslim blood.   I do not have any doybt the Sayid was a black or white thinker and that he hated the colonialists. His killing of Aweys was purelt strategic so that he could gain the upper hand over the mass following the Qaadariya had compared to his little know Saalixiya order.

Shame on VOA to take a such a biased man Idajaa and not even give a single minute the family.  Who amonst you here knew SYL GUDOOMIYE sakhawadiins father was the martyred Sheikh Aweys al baraawi? Not mant.


A funny storry, as a young lad we had Somali teacher from Las-Anod who was famous Somalia as trader and had a key position in the socialist party as a young lad. We could not understand dardaaran, he explained it us and our hearts was filled with sympathiyor the sayid.  At home I mentioned this for my mother and elderly father who came to visit us for a month and grandmother. My father said "sporko  while they were having a coffe. They said "son, that man was killer, a simple bandit, he even killed sheekha aweys".  Next week as I was a loud mouth I  said it openly "Ninkaan dadka in uu dili jiray maad noo sheegtid, sheekh aweys in uu dilay  af islam ama af gaal dad in uu ka dhahay gainst the Baidoa ppl". The Las-Anod teacher was shocked and called my mom". My father said "qashinka aad dadka ku shubeyseen in ey dadka ogeen miyey kula tahay,''  Nevertheless that teacher and father passed away alle ha naxariisto, I am happy that teacher taught me dardaaran and all of those poems, atleast we had fighter like Omar mukhtar. Bur Idajaaa with his big mouth accusing the shaykh of being a colonialist spy thats to much. 


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Afaraay Ahaayeen Uweesaay dileen
Owliya Allaayaay ka Inkaar-sadeen.

This is from a poem composed by the Qadiriyah poets after the killing of the Sheick. By the way the dervish movement did not only commit cruelty against the Qadariyah, but also against the much smaller Ahmediya School. 

Some folks confuse the historic impact one had to hero-ization and exoneration of ones acts. The man did leave a mark in the pages of history, but this doesn’t make  one saint for that matter. 

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I thought I knew Somali history, but Khadaafi teaches us something new everyday. I didn't know C/qadir Saqawadeen was the son of Sheikh Aweys. Other than his death by the hand of Darawish, I didn't know much either other than he was a patron saint of the Qadiriya Dariiqa in southern Somalia. When I arrived in Mogadishu in 1981, I used to go Ceelgaab to listen the chronicles of the Qadiriya ullema in Ceel Gaab narrate some of the  strange stories I never heard anywhere else  in Hadith or Seera of the Prophent may be and blessing of Allah with him.

I memorized their chants before they begin their stories:

Allahu Laa Illaha Ilalahu

Mohamedu Rasululah

Sheik Abulqad SheeliLah

Uweys Ahmed Waliyo Allah.

Certainly we are missing a lot of history, especially the anti colonial wars of Sheikh Hassan Barsame, the Lafoole battles and the Water Maal revolt, although the Kacaan had added some to the history including naming schools after them.. Non of the Mogadishu residents of today including the Unaka lifted one finger against the Italians. 

One thing that was clear in early twenty century was the Salaxiya of Sayid Mohamed were in uphill battle against the Qadariya which was the dominant "Dariiqa in north west Somalia, Puntland and the deep south. Even Sheikh Jamac Cumar Ciise the great historian and the biographer of the Darwiish movement wrote in his book " Taariikhda Daraawiishta" about the dislike of the Sayid of the Qadiriya.

Despite his polemic tribal poems and other crimes, the great Darwiish was one of the icons of the Somali independent movement of the modern Somalia. History will show his twenty year struggle which ended with the bombing of Taleex by the British planes.

It is difficult to judge the leaders of that era without looking their overall impact in history.  Churchill was a drunkard who called Indians and Africans sub human, yet in British history , he is well known for  his war and victory against the Nazis. When they compare their historic figures, he always raises to the top.

What we are missing is the comprehensive history of the south and the contributions made by many including Saqqawadeen, Dheere Haji Dhere, Mohamed Yusuf of SYL and the war against the Italians fought by the likes Cumar Samater, Sheikh Barsame and others. All we hear is the Banadiri being pro Italian and anti independent.

The Daraawiish movement was one the only two movements that shed blood to stop colonial roots in Somalia. After the collapse of the Daraawiish, the north has done nothing but to became a vessel protectorate with zero wars for independence. In fact, one of the major reasons most Somalis in the South central, Puntland and the North never appreciate the value of freedom is they never fought for it and shed a blood unlike the DAraawiish.. SNL, SYL, HDM and others were just civic pro independent movements who lost zero to war.

Idaaja uses oral history without any extensive research on the issues of history. He is a good narrator of culture and literature , but not history.

Brother Khadaafi, I hope you should or we should all strive to uncover the hidden history of Sheikh Aweys who spread Islam in deep south, Waamo and beyond, without denying the achievements of our heroes,  Sayid Mohamed and the Daraawiish movement. 









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The professor residing in Savannah have uncovered facts that we knew in Southern Somalia, Galbeedi Uweys al Baraawi was a himself a diciple of Sheekh.sayady-sadaati Cabdi raxman Seylaci was born in Mogadishu and his offshoot Zeylaciya begins from warsheek up to Djabouti.

No one is perfect, and no one can deny Sayidkas zeal for his anti-colonialism. Certain  tribes concluded aliances in the north with the British just as Salaxadin Ayuubi was at the beginning the fighting the "islamic emirates" that were sheilded by the crusaders.  He had no choice and from a  geo-political view point his war upon the Zeylaciya after they rejected his efforts for a common jihad can be understood.

Whats the problem is though how the kacaan and speciallly D-folks supressed information about how Somalis resisted colonialism. Wthile the british had his eyes on the docks and was doing missionary works the Italians were building roads,  factorties and inviting landless italians to settlle in Jowhar. In a concencus in the 1950  italians were 40 procent of total population of mogadishu.

The unuka and banaadiri resisted were brutallt massacred. Who was Shaykhs Uweys diciple? the famous  one, he was from the unuka and his son was one of the members of 13 SYL.

A brief example, the saho or tsahi people are just like us, cushitic and nomadic, The Italians succeeded with brutality convert 20% of them. Why did they succeed their but not in Somalia.  A post-colonial stuy regarding Somalia, one without bias needs to be done.

I am personally proud of the Sayidka but for the VOA to call Idajaa whom I consider to be a modern form of the dark ages, travellers who worked by storytelling, Idajaa for the first time saying Sheikh Uweys conspired with the Italians was schocking. The old kacaan D propagandanist did his outmost the blacken the shaykhs reputuation now that Idajaa is old fraild. Yaab!  





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