Hirsi Gaab has bought the Waddani party with the stolen money from the people of Somaliland.

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The more things change the more they stay the same.


" A Telecome company wanted to pull a fiber optic cable from Oman through the Somaliland coast and was interested to enter the cellphone and internet market in major towns in Somaliland , the company complied with all the necessary requirements and I signed an agreement with them. Then,  president Ahmed Siilaanyo called me in to his office and told me  to cancel the contract without just cause, I left his office, shut down my cellphone and disappeared for few days. Tthen Hersi A. Hassan, the real boss,  fired me for refusing to comply the order of the, but at the same time, they allowed me to collect my ministerial salary and car until the end of the Siilanyo  term."


That was the assessment of the former minister of telecommunication in Somaliland Mohamed Jamac Abgaal. The problem is the minister didn't tell the whole truth of his firing. He argued that he couldn't in good conscience cancel a contract he dully entered on behalf of the Somaliland , but the fact was the Somaliland internet market was under the monopoly of SomeCable of Mohamed Aw Said of Djibouti and Somtel of Dahabshiil. The order was to protect the illegal monopoly which collects tens of millions from the customers with zero government regulation. 


At the time, Ahmed Siilaanyo was weakened by dementia and other cognitive deceases, and a  40 something years old former Dahabshiil executive by the name of Hersi Haji Hassan was completely the acting president of Somaliland. 


Furthermore,  the Hargeisa palace was sensitive of any open criticism of the Ahmed Siilaanyo which forced them to hire anyone that opened his mouth. In fact Mr. Abgaal was one of those appointed to minister in order to silence him. By 2011/2013, the number of ministers and associate ministers reached over 70. The most vocal opponent of the Siilanyo government was no other than the load mouth and tough politician, chairman of the UCID party,  Mr. Faysal A. Waraabe. His criticism of ministers and Siilaanyo was so tough, even Ahmed Siilaanyo recorded a video to insult Faysal Waraabe after midnight. Just month or so ago, Faysal WAraabe accused the former minister of public works and roads, the former criminal who fire bombed Hargeisa, Osman Abokar , for embezzlement after a German NGO that supposed to finance the Hargeisa--Gabiley road pulled out of the contract accusing the minister of shady and corrupt practises. The minister got crazy and vowed to sue Faysal, but later he asked one of his cousins from Bebera who is a member of UCID to reconcile with Faysal and ask him to stop his attacks which Faysal Waraabe complied.


So, in order to weaken Faysal Waaabe,  Hirsi Gaab financed/rahman Ciro earlier than we think to depose Faysal and takeover of UCID. After Cirro , who is usually weak , failed to take over UCID, they helped him  create his own party. In fact, way before Ciro established Waddani, Hirsi and Siilaanyo promised him to succeed Siilaanyo after seven years in power. That was the main reason chaiman Cirro of Waddani never acted as the real opposition to Ahmed Siilaanyo. He was almost acted like a controlled opposition.


To make the long story short, Hirsi Ali Hassan, the man who destroyed the Somaliland institutions and made Hargeisa palace as his own shop,  had bought the Waddani party form the weak and incompetent C/rahman Cirro.  With his stolen cash from Somaliland people,  he sidelined C/qaadir Jirde, the last statesman left in Somaliland. There is an open secret in Hargeisa that the richest politician in Somaliland is  Mr. Hirsi. I asked a friend of mine from south Hargeisa how much Hirsi Gaab is worth, and I was almost fall from my chair how much money this guy has looted. How could that  happen?, how can one man openly steal that much money from the government?, he wasn't even a finance minister or minister of Intenational planning where most of the NGO money are directed. For the last two years, another one from Kulmiye called Mohamed H Abdi, who also looted enough money as the chief of staff of Siilaanyo after Hisi was fied,  is also looking to buy his own party, but so far he is unsuccessful.  Whee else in the wold a thief who stole from the public purse will be considered a hero. Only in Hargeisa. The great poet Gaariye said : Tuug dhuuntaanu arki jirnee mid Toosh wataa Yimid.


Today in Somaliland people complain how many plots of lands Muuse Biixi stole or his nepotism in government hiring, yet everyone in Hageisa will tell you Muuse Biixi is a miser ( Waa Gacantii go'dey xagga lacagta) in terms of money. In the last election, his colleagues in Kulmiye complained that the lack of campaign finance to the party was one of the main reasons for the parliamentary defeat . When Biixi took over as a president in 2017, there were 109 people working at the presidential palace in Hargeisa, and 75% of them were from east Burco community. He fired them all and kept less than a dozen. I am not saying that Biixi is not corrupt, but the looting of public purse is very small compared to Hirsi and company.


The Waddani party transfer to Hersi Gaab was a bad transaction that will hunt Mr. Cirro for the next election. Those who are cheering for him say, the abdication of the chairmanship was a selfless act form C/rahman Cirro. Yet, most of us don't see that way. If Cirro loses two consecutive elections, what is the reason to remain as a chairman. Furthermore, they created seven or eight vice chairmen without no duties to perform. Folks, this was nothing but the takeover of Waddani party by a group of deep pocketed people led by Hersi. Mr. Cirro will be surrounded by the same Jackals who looted Somaliland dry for seven years. He could be another figure just like Siilaanyo. 


For most people of Somaliland this wasn't  the change they were expecting. This is the return of the looters with another weak and corrupt caravan led by C/rahman Cirro. Looking the landscape at the moment, Faysal Waraabe, the load mouth that never disappears,  could be  the candidate of a change. Maybe it is time to support the load hyena than the snakes who made the people of Somaliland poor and corupt.

Mayor Mooge is wearing big cowboy hats  with no cattle 

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The new mayor of Hargeisa Ina Mooge had the largest support a candidate could garner in Somaliland. He has all the tools to make his promise of good government and providing better service to the people possible. yet, for the last six months, he hasn't introduced and reforms or changing of the delivery of public services. All we see is the usual " ololaha Nadaafada" campaign to clean the garbage. While people must be educated about littering and garbage collection which is an enormous job, their  should be a budget allocated for garbage collection and sanitation. Real public servants must be created to work 24/7 to clean the streets and collect garbage. This fake campaign of mayors , ministers and others collecting garbage is just another publicity for the media. Qawda Maqashii.


What is this Mooge guy doing to create real people with wages and salary to do the real job of cleaning the city, legal land tiltles that can't be disputed by " Ku qabso ku qadi mayside" by greedy land speculators and powerful politicians?.  If these issues are beyond his pay grade, then he should hire consultants and others who know few things about urban planning and city management. It is the system that needs the change not the individuals. .


Dad qashimkiiba iska qaadi la'a ayaa dawladnimo iyo nidaam laga sugayaa. 

Kacaankii barakaysnaa ayaa dawlad ugu dambeysay geyiga Soomaaliyeed.

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