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The clock is ticking,

Another day goes by.

As the seconds turn into minutes.

I get closer to the time that I die

Every hour that passes,

I think about my life


Where have I been?

What have I done?

Where will I go?

What is the point to this life?

Should I just go with the flow?


They say tomorrow never dies,

But surely that too will fade!


Looking forward,

It might be just another day

Yet again, I can turn it into a special day

Turn my life around, turn into something

Don’t let this chance pass me by


And what if I die?

What excuse will I use?

How could I explain my self to Allah?

Would saying "I wasn’t ready" be of any use?


I give it my best and try,

But, old habits keep creeping back

I find myself in the same routines

Feeling the same every day

As I re-life the same scenes


I sit here in reflection,

Perhaps I should read my guide

There I’ll find the map to my destiny

Look to my Creator

I am sure He'll guide me to the path that is right

There peace, happiness and I will re-unite




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that was nice one.. Ameenah.. didn't knwo u had it in u....?.. I guess all somalis r poets only if they got the 'sal ' to sit somewhere n compose!!1



Each one of us is a masterpiece in progress

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Soomaali gabeey iska dhafee, geeraar ay kuu tumee. Soomaali wax unique ah ay aduunkaan ubadi dadkooda laheen ay leedahay. Waxaas oo ah qof walba oo Soomaali eh wuxuu yaqanaa siyaasad iyo gabeey see ahaato bo ha ahatee waa jacbursanaa. Habeenkii xalay tagey waaye inuu jaamac ama faarax ama caasha ama istaahil aa ka maqashid ma aqaano.




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Nice poem abaa.....wallahi i feel the same thing too and i ask my self those same question everyday. We are living in aaduunyo gadoon may Allah help us out. Amiin




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