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I represent for all those XALIIMOS who never had a voice and never could come out of the closet and admit that they actually are XALIIMOS and proud, i know there are plenty of us here and nothing to be ashamed of, just remember Men too chew and if it is OK for them then it is OK for us.

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Originally posted by Mindstate:

[QBAfrican you know i ain't good at these kinda stuff

but the last time i was at these awards, i was with my Homeboy Clown who was receiving this award

since Flying-Still stood him up he took me with him and he showed me you and Nin-Yaaban wearing nothing but a broad smiles for the cameras and if i am not mistaken your Body language was giving toomuch secrets away as you seemed to be too happy to be with him and that is why your photos was blasted all over AL-FACSHIR front pages.


P.S but i gotta mention Twisted-Ayeeyo aswell who kept coming on to my Nigga Clown shamelessly wich made Mizz Lexus mad coz she thought she finally got her chance to steal Clown from Flying-Still but Lucky got her way when she came over to introduce us to OG_Girl who was with Kool_Kat when

Ameenah tripped Barwaaqo for telling Asraa their secrets about Princess-Sexy who told CUTE_LILGIRL

that Juxaa said to Diamond Princess look at Ilhaam

talking to Mizz Unique about Somealien and Batuulo

who smiled at STHLM_Lady who hugged Hibo who was with Filssan who called Runaway^Virgin who was busy talking to Jasmiine and Raula who was waving at Araweelo and Xaliimo7 when Jawahiir walked in with Layzie Girl who smiled at Opinionated when Magnnoona-Girl brought the house down when she told Nefertiti was Sitey-Manoogto's Cousin when Malaikah said to Rayaanah come on Girl let us chill with Unreal Heart and Silent-Sistah who was whispering in Clown's ear when Ms Word told Zeinab and Angel-Dust look at Proud-Sista and First Lady busy gossipping about Aalyiah#10 who was holding Suban's hand who was kissing Muslim sis when Captivating_Soul said Lulla is not feeling well and Indhadeeq should tell Hibo to call Fardowza and ask her to see if Sagal has some pain killers and pass it to Quruxley who was sitting next to Funky^Sista while Ur-Sista-Muna was talking to _Xamdiya_ when Raxmah said to Cutie_Wit_Da_Booty to check out Yasmin2003 who seemed busy talking to Hoda while Always Learning put her lip stick on before Angel Eyes turned to Phsyco Sue and Vicious Chick and said to Buubto Nassra is here and before Evolving-Sista got up to go to the ladies room who asked Gemini_Chick to go with her when Somaliz_Finest and Maryan said to Scorpion-Sista here comes Africa and guess who is she with?
. [/QB]

Waryaa Mindstate i was not coming on to Klown but he was, he even gave me his Phone number and insisted that we should get togather this weekend

but it is true Mizz Lexus didn't like that @ all for a reason wich she only knows too well.


P.S i hope a certain person wont get to read this otherwise Ayeeyo will be in trouble and you know i am old and i can't fight with a Girl who i am old enough to be her Ayeeyo.

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What the f*cK

Ewwwwwwwww :eek: Clown...I was trying to hit on Clown, is that what you guys are trying to say?

Some people need to clean their mouths. Uff, Tuff

I couldn't careless who ever was coming onto Clown. The only person that I have a thing was Jamaal-11 not anymore, ama over it :rolleyes:

The new man in my life now is______(Have a guess) ;)


Mindstate I would really would love if you left my name alone, I know you got it bad for me?



PS: What was said about me?

Then everyone wonders why I am rude!

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go luckyyyyyyyyyyy!

i agree wit u mindstate, Lucky deserves it. She is the bomb and a girl wit a good heart. She will make sure she got sumtin good to say bout everyone and welcomes all those new.......u go girl ;)

keep it up sis and keep smiling :D

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