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Amazing Pictures of Borama

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^loool...come down Roobleh...


MMA is ONLY the mod of politics section, some other peeps run this corner, besides MODS arent' neutral. Beside being a MOD MMA is also Af Somali language teacher, we shall respect that.



Now that being said, I do also disagree with his assertion that Borama doesn't qualify to be a city.


It's indeed city, maybe it wasn't in pre civil years, but now it has become a huge city.


MMA said Boroma is not a capital city but Xarun. He forgot that Xarun is a term in somali for capital city.


Let us examine that real quick.


Xarun= Capital, in this case Boroma is state capital city of Awdal


Population wise, I am sure its' above 100,000 mark.


Source: Bada Cas' cerebral facitility. lool

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Originally posted by Lois Lane:

Balla Chick,


Are you joking when you say this


Wroooong! Yaa Rooble The capital city of G. Awdal is Baki.

The capital is city of Awdal is Borama. Please show us where you found your claim above.
No sister Lois I am not joking. The capital city of Awdal is Baki see it here.

No you can check it here saylici


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Originally posted by Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar:

quote:Originally posted by roobleh:


City = magaalo

Town = degmo

Village = tuulo

Hamlet = buulo


Boorama is a degmo .

Having said that, it looks good.



I am afraid you did not get it right this time. If this was a guess, then you guessed it wrong.
Borame is a not only a city, but is the capital city of Awdal


Following is the definition of a city from Barron's Dictionary from


"In general: subdivision of a state, with its own local government. According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, the average population of a city is 5000. Several cities can constitute a county. A city is usually chartered by the state." BARRON'S
Boorama is not magaalo; it never fitted a magaalo discription, either pre-war and post-war Soomaaliya.


Neither is it 'magaalo madax.' There is only one magaalo madax in Soomaali sense and that is Muqdisho. What you meant, however, is
gobolka Awdal, which Boorama is not either. The last I knew in pre-war, it is some place called Baki. The reason aan loogu dhigin xarun, unlike most other gobolo's largest degmooyin, I think, has to do it being too close to Soomaali Galbeed and thus out of Itoobiya since there was always wars involved with them.


All other gobolo had xarun laga xukumo, not 'magaalo madax' or 'capital city.'


The classical definition of 'city' [magaalo] -- not the American government's definition of it, which has a political meaning behind it -- is a place that has at least 100,000 people. A 'town' [degmo] has less than that and between 10,000 [and sometimes 5,000]. A 'village' [tuulo] is between anywhere from five hundred to upto 5,000. A few hundred or tens is a hamlet [buulo].


Anybody can put anything on wikipedia. You shouldn't have quoted it.
Boorama Magaalo maaha kulahaa :rolleyes: Boorama waa magaalo waxna boorama ka garan mayside adigu xamar iyo dhulkaa ka sheekee..... :D

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This is no longer Somaliya adeer. If baki was then, it's isn't now....Boroma is now.


Welcome to Somaliland.lool

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