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Peace Vigil next Sunday

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hi normads;


i would like to let you all know about this even; so all londers please come to this peace vigil if possible. Pass on the details to other people as well.



2pm, Sunday 17 July

Russell Square


it is organised by Stop the War Coalition, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and

Muslim Association of Britain.


As u all know most people unequivocally condemn the terrorist attacks on the people of London.

There can be no justification for such attacks. people are urged to resist any attempts which may be made to use these crimes to stir up anti-Muslim hysteria or attack the Muslim population of this country.


The importance of solidarity, peace and justice as our guiding principles in addressing the crisis scarring the world today, of which the bombings are a dreadful manifestation.


It is clearer than ever that the "war on terror" in which Britain has been so heavily involved has not, in fact, made the world safer from Terrorism. Britain's security services warned Tony Blair two years ago that a war on Iraq would make such attacks more likely.


this is not a demostration, but a get together for all; i hope many of you can attend;


For more information:


or send me a message;


maca salamah ppl

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^Hello luv, how are you?


Yes, I heard about the peace vigil. Hope a lot of Muslims turn up, I'A.


Can't believe it's already a week since the bombings.

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^ Probably. I'm also going to the Rise Festival on Saturday I'A...


Have I been affected?


Well, if you had asked me that on Monday, I would have said that, yeah, the incident shocked and saddened me, but that I was OK about it.


Except, I have felt really strange the last few days. The more I read about details of those believed to have died, the more sick I feel. Their names and faces seem to be burned in my mind. I can't go 5 mins without thinking about them. Very strange since I didn't give that much thought to those who had died in the Twin Towers or Madrid. I felt bad about it...of course I did...but I don't think I ever grasped that they were people...not just numbers. Except now, that seems to be all I think about. So when I hear things like 'low-level attack' or 'only 50 people' it makes me feel even more sick. 50 people is a lot. 50 innocent you and me...going about their daily lives. I can't get passed it.


Not only that, but where as before I used to use the tube and not pay any attention to any of my fellow commuters, I find myself devoting all my time to them now...memorizing their faces, wondering where they work, what they do, if they are married or not, have children or not, where they are going, where they are coming from, if there's anyone at home worried about them, who they last called, did they say a proper goodbye to their loved ones this morning?, when was the last time they spoke to their parents?...and on and on and on... think I have been affected.

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salam; ^^^^yeah sis; i know what you mean, i think the other terrorist bombs have been so far out, that it did not seem reality, but now we go pass the same stops, same stations, and see the damage, the aftermass; so it is hard to take in; what makes it worse if you try find out more about the people who were injuried or died and in doing so, you take your self closer to the situation and makes you part of it; i have been trying to balace it out a bit, not get too emotional stressed about it.


i don't know how people go back to their old routins so quick.. most have forgotten about it already and are busy with their lifes, i think maybe i have been working and talking about it none stop so it is starting to dominate me!!

up to now i can't use the underground, not beacuse i'm scared to die, everybody has to go one day; but just feeling culstraphobic;




i waz thinking of going on sat; but i have to help organise the sunday one, so might be a bit busy, inshallah i will see;


i hope u can make it to both;


hey anyone else coming???

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^^^i would have loved to be there but i hope many moslims would attend and show solidarity with londeners of all faiths.


good luck to all of you who are going there. smile.gif

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salam all;


adnaan u can still come!! ur not that far away ;)


7of9 and Xu inshallah i hope you guys can make it;


caano geel; what can i say!! smile.gif


haniif we already had this conversation remember; smile.gif


i wz hoping more people would come!!

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^^^^reminder to londers; incase u all forgot in the aftermass of the drama on the Womens section;;


don't forget about this;



peace and love

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