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Eating Girls in Australia

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Russian prosecutors say two young men have been charged with killing and dismembering a 16-year-old girl and eating parts of her body.


Prosecutors in St Petersburg say the 11th-grader disappeared on her way to school on January 19.


They say she was killed that night and parts of her body were later found in plastic bags scattered around the city.


One bag allegedly contained her head.


City prosecutor’s spokesman Sergei Kapitonov said on Wednesday police arrested two men — a butcher, Maxim Golovatskikh, and a florist, Yuri Mozhnov — on suspicion of murder.


Prosecutors believe they drowned the girl in a bathtub, cut her body into pieces and ate some of her internal organs.


They allegedly then bagged up her remains and disposed of them.


Kapitonov said the suspects told investigators they ate the organs because they were hungry.



National Nine News (Australia)

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Originally posted by *Buuxo*:



JB, stop ceebeening us.Australian website posted this news.Australians don't eat girls.LOL.

^ Ceeb maxee ka yaqaaniin kuwaas, soo tee shimbir kastuumada soo qariyeen

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Natioinal Nine News is in Australia. That may have caused the confusion.


"Eating Girls in Australia"

From the title I was thinking a different kind of "Eating".

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