An additional Chinese Delegation from Beijing expected to arrive in Hargeisa

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Deputy Chief of Taiwan's most respected think-tank on Geopolitical, Security

Google Translator:

The title reads: Scholar "Somaliland and Taiwan Development Relations: It is difficult for China to stop"

Taiwan and East African Somaliland (Somaliland) will mutually establish official representative offices. Recently, it has been reported that Somaliland has accidentally recognized Taiwan and that China has started operations to prevent Somaliland from interacting with Taiwan. Dong Siqi, deputy chief executive of Taiwan’s think tank, said in an interview today (5th) that limited by China’s relations with Somalia and the conflict between Somalia and Somalia, it is not so much for China to use diplomatic recognition to stop Somalia. Easy; instead, Taiwan can enhance relations with Somaliland and bring a demonstration effect to neighboring countries.

Taiwan and Somaliland announced on July 1 that they would mutually establish official representative offices. One month later, local media in Somaliland quoted an unnamed source to report that the country was preparing to recognize Taiwan and made it clear that Somaliland would be Swadini’s In addition, Africa is the second country to recognize Taiwan. However, after the news came out, other related reports pointed out that the Chinese government and its embassy in Somalia are trying to prevent the follow-up actions of Somalia.

Dong Siqi, deputy chief executive of Taiwan’s think tank, said that the method that China can use is to recognize Somaliland as one of the possible ways, but this method is very difficult to achieve its goals. Dong Siqi said: "(Original) When Somalia establishes diplomatic relations with China, When Somaliland has a conflicting relationship with Somalia, and China did not recognize Somaliland, it is even more important for Somaliland to interact with Taiwan and obtain assistance from Taiwan, including agriculture and medical care. Advantageously, if China wants to win Somaliland at this time and prevent it from having some diplomatic relations with Taiwan, it will inevitably face relations with Somalia, so it is not so easy for China. 』

Regarding the establishment of representative offices in Taiwan and Sochi, Dong Siqi is facing the future development, because Taiwan’s farming groups or medical groups have provided substantial assistance in Africa. "Our reputation there is good," he said: "(Original) The improvement of our relations with Somalialand may also give other neighboring countries some demonstration effects, allowing them to directly recall or see Taiwan’s substantial assistance to African friendly or friendly countries. 』

Dong Siqi believes that this move to set up representative offices in each other is a way of "not rushing forward, not prescribing a position, and seeking mutual benefit." The relevant policies and actions are very correct.





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Geopolitical experts around the world and those interested in China/Taiwan issue and wider issue to contain China are super intrigued in Somaliland handling of China's aggressive diplomacy coupled with Aide package.


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