Somaliland region government protects Forex scammer who stole $20m from Mogadishu

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14 hours ago, Timacaddeh said:

This is an online discussion forum. If you are not here for a discussion, or muran as you call it, then what are you doing here? You argue like a woman in that you argue about things that are unrelated to the subject matter, especially when you are struggling to make a coherent argument.

Lol.. I was referring to sending back people who have committed crimes in Somalia. You know that thing that this thread was about.


Still insulting women out of anger? 😂😂 I will have woman in your place cuqdad boy any day 😂😂😂 

These forums are not for people with short circuit. If you can't take the heat leave old boy, don't insult mothers, wives and sisters.

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2 hours ago, Timacaddeh said:

If you think so highly of women, why do you consider it an insult to be compared to them? I wouldn't consider it an insult, as I don't think any less of women. You clearly think of the women in your life as less than you. I feel sorry for them.

Saaxiib, I think you are overmatched here. Stay in your lane.

😂😂 Madax adayga jooji. Learn your lesson and listen to your Adeer Mastermind: Don't get angry when you lose in an argument; respect women and don't insult them. OK adeer, good boy😂

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tolow will they send the harimacad to locate this dude? While Ethiopia turns off their water supplies on the Juba and shabelle rivers. misplaced priorities. 

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