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UAE seeks turnaround in relations with Somalia for help in Yemen war

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“Somalis are not cheap tools used to implement your demands. Yemen is a neighbor and a brotherly country and has its own sovereignty and dignity of its people,” said Ahmed Issa Awad, Somalia’s minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation, in response to the UAE’s recent offer, Somalia News reported. “The world knows that Socotra is Yemeni land, and has been from ancient times,” he concluded.


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“With the rising anger against the UAE’s presence in Yemen’s Socotra, the UAE is attempting to influence Somalia to strengthen its claim to the islands and use the contestation as a pretext to justify its continued presence,” Shire noted. “Historically, Mogadishu unofficially claimed the islands on account of close proximity. But it officially claimed the islands in the early 2010s when Somalia declared its EEZ [exclusive economic zone].” 


 The UAE has the backing of the South Yemen Government. These islands where and still are part of South Yemen terriroty. 

So it just beats logic that they want Somalia to claim these too.  

Besides, Somalia itself is at the receiving end of neighbouring countries claiming its territory and it can't even defend itself. 

The whole article reads like a joke and someone's fantasy dreams. 


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