Opinion: Ethiopia is on the brink of failure

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The Germans are one of the closest allies of Ethiopia. In fact they spend more in Ethiopia, than all of Africa combined. 

They are worried.


Delayed elections and ethnic tensions are undermining Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's reform agenda. But the postponed polls could also be a chance for Ethiopia, says DW's Ludger Schadomsky.


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All the stars are now getting misaligned.
Too much reliance on Facebook, US Evangelical Christian Zionists as they call themselves, Afwerki, UAE, Saudi..etc

EWthiopia all its history from 19th century has relied on Britain, Italy, France and last times before Abiy on US, China, Turkish, Germany and from neighbors close friendship with Sudan, Kenya, Djibouti, part of Somalia and conflict with Eritrea.

All that has changed now in almost one year. Abiy militarily could not convince US Pentagon that he will be worthy of their time and money. Abiy has completely destroyed the economic investments, military cooperation and cultural interactions with the Turkish.

The Chinese may be fake smiling, because they have seen how Ab iy could be tretcherous when he thought he could destabilize Djibouti and serve it to America and France.

With Sudan Abiy is almost at blows.

Abiy tried to take credit for Muhamed Dirir's brilliant diplomatic success. Abiy almost screwed it up last minute, but Muhamed Dirir had a lot of contacts and inside connections there from long ago, even from the days he was rebel underground and even his student days in Syria.

Abiy is toast as for achievements in any field, except maybe planting trees, which even that is in doubt. He will stay where he is for the simple reason that there is so much mistrust among the others.

Somaliland, Djibouti, Oromo especially western and Tigray/Afar need to be really careful. Abiy could prove to be treacherous along with Afwerki, another one dead waitring someone to take care of him. Eritreans are also so much mistrustful among each other. Half of them would like to serve arabs, half europeans and some America. Half want to be friends with Sudan some want to be friends with Ethiopia..etc..

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