Why Iran alone defeated COVID19 and Western Sanctions? Why do some peoples do the unexpected?

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Almost everyone expected for Iran to buckle under either Sanctions and "democratic revolutions" or Coronavirus.

Yet so far Iran seems to survive both and triumphantly.

Oil was totally sanctioned so Iran went into oil products and made as much money
Some exporting was totally sanctioned so Iran changed its market fast Example:Euro Asia and China, Pakistan instead of the Anglo American a-s kissing India. Japan Korea etc that can easily get exemption from Uncle Sam. While Iraq has to get every month permit to import electricity from Iran.

The Turkish are also reliable and partner with self dignity.

History and respect for one's ancestors and past has a lot to do. Invention of new computer programs, Medicine, Equipment advanced , Agriculture...is developing at break neck speed in Iran. The Persians are determined to survive this one, just as they did with the Roman empire.


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Now the Iranians and Turkish may even be in better luck/coincidence.

Rumor has it that there was an attempted coup in Saudi Arabia and was almost exactly the same as the failed coup in Turkey some years ago.

UAE and Saudi are now in total panic. The Shale oil men are telling Trump to either get rid of Bin Salman or the Saudis as a whole.

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11 hours ago, Old_Observer said:

he Shale oil men are telling Trump to either get rid of Bin Salman or the Saudis as a whole.

THe shale oil swallowed billions in investment for the last few months, so does the Alberta oil sand. In Canada 10% of our GDP is based on energy and if prices stays around 25-30 dollars , we might all close shops and import the cheep oil. You can not throw good money after bad one. 

The only hope is for the Saudis to cut 3-4 million a day, and if this Bin Salman plays hard ball , things might change for everyone including him.

Yet, another political matter that might keep the prices law for next four years is the determination of American foreign policy leaders who want to bring down Putin and Russia economically. Russia was in shambles before the rise of oil in 2001. Putin was able to build his weapons industry and create wealth among the Russians due to high oil prices for 14 years. The only way to bleed him and make Russia poor is to take  away those billions. With law prices, Russia despite its weapons is a second rate economy lower than even Italy.

Biden and the democrats might tolerate the loss of shale oil and get a cheep oil for 25 dollar a barrel.  THose of us here in the oil country are worried about the prospect f oil not reaching  $50 dollar again for a long time.

In terms of Iran, both Turkey, USA and those of us who are Sunnis  have unfinished business there. Iran had waged a sectarian war across the middle east. They are not about democracy or people's power as they claim. When the Arab despot that supposed to be overthrown is Sunni Arabs like Khadaffi, Mubaarak or Saddam Hussein , they jump in the fray and advocate for the uprising. 

Yet, when a fellow Shia despot like Assad who murdered hundreds of thousands and depopulated a whole country of  Syrians  , they will fight to the last man to preserve just as they are doing in Yemen after he overthrow of Cabdalla Saleh. 

Some might argue about the nature of the rebels in Syria, but the early uprising was led by the free Syrian army who were far from being religious extremists. Because of the dethroning of the American leadership, ISIS and others filled the vacuum. General Suleimani, the man Trump took out had murdered hundreds of thousands of Syrians .

What I am getting at is the current situation in the middle east is unacceptable to both Iraqis,  Syrians and Turks. No one should accept an Iraqi state which is a vessel to the Iranians while denying the Iraqi people a voice. .The Sunnis (Arabs, Turkmen and  Kurds) and  christian Iraqis who are the majority of the population and occupy the vast Iraq land from north of Baghdad all the way to border,  must have their own state and Iraq divided. 

THen Turkey must control these area and safeguard both politically and economically.  THe Americans should consult with the Turks and create a triangle of Syria, Iraq and Turkey to sideline Iran. Turkey can easily rehabilitate the reconstruction of Syria and Iraq. In the meantime, keep the evil Russians who has nothing but arms from the middle east. Also, allowing Russia in Libya is giving them bases at the southern flanks of NATO in the Mediterranean  which is dangerous.

I would even go further and divide Iran itself which has more non Persian population and ethnically mixed. What Iran has done in Syria is crime against humanity. They are shipping Shia militia all the way from Afghanistan and Pakistan to slaughter Syrian civilians. For what? how long would they keep this despot ? who is he going to rule? Half million dead, 10 million refugees and another six million internally displaced,. Other the 10% Alawi in the coastal Latakia, the Syrian population is hostile to Assad and his Shia militia. 

Rather than prop up Kurds and other non state actors , America must work with  its NATO ally Turkey and keep out Iran and its proxies from the middle east.

The Iran of today must be changed either by force or by design. 

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The Turkish would rather choose the Iranians than Saudis.
There is something called reliability. The Iranians are reliable as enemy or as friend.
Even an Enemy, you need them to have some self worth. If the Syria Iraq way does not work for Gas pipeline to Turkish, then the only option is through Iran. LNG is good, but never competitive or as safe as to pipeline. The Turkish need the Iranians as much as the Iranians need the Turkish.

Every body wants the kurds to continue being problem for everybody, so your idea about Syria and Iraq is not practical. Each country have to have a Kurdish contingent. If push cmes to shove Kurds will be OK with Iran more than anyone else. Maybe the Kurdish are some kind of land of Persia people, like the Azeri who are Persia lands people, but Turkic by language.

Russia is the one country that can defend its wealth militarily. Dependence on Oil is bit exaggerated. Look how Iran weaned itself in 3 years. Since Oil Sands is cheaper than Shale, you will comeback faster and export to America in no time.

Try Cattle ranching witch is also in trouble. Or ask the Houthis to help take Saudis out of the market. Then Nigeria. That should be enough to bring oil to more than 50 that you want. If need be Iraq and Kuwait and others can also be temporarily disabled. Euro Asia are smarter. They have Russia and Turkish and Chinese taking care of them.

I have soft heart for any people that survive adversity more than expected. Did you expect Mullahs to survive 30 years of non stop pressure and war.
Did you expect them to be the 4-5 country to position Satellites themselves A-Z after 30 years of sanctions?

Very few peoples on earth can survive that let alone develop a lot of technologies.

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