From EU ambassador to Koonfur Galbeed guddoomiye baarlamaan

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Why did he demote himself from being the Soomaaliya's European Union ambassador to be a xildhibaan of a maamul goboleed and then be selected as the speaker of the said regional parliament? We will soon know.


Dr Cali Saciid Fiqi oo loo doortay Gudoomiyaha Baarlamaanka Koonfur Galbeed

Magaalada Baydhabo ee Xarunta Gobolka Baay waxaa ka dhacdey doorashada Guddoomiyaha Baarlamaanka Koonfur Galbeed oo ay ku tartameen laba musharax.

Fadhiga doorashada ayaa waxaa ku sugnaa 93 Xubnood oo ka tirsan Baarlamaanka Koonfur Galbeed,kuwaas oo musharixiinta u kala codeynayay,waxaana Guddoomiyaha Baarlamaanka Koonfur Galbeed loo doortey Xildhibaan Dr Cali Saciid Fiqi oo ahaa Safiirka Soomaaliya ee Midowga Yurub.

Labada musharax ayaa waxaa ay codadka u kala heleen 84  Cod waxaa helay Dr Cali Saciid Fiqi oo noqdey Guddoomiyaha Baarlamaanka halka 2 Cod uu helay musharixii la tartamayay ee Maxamed Cabdiraxmaan,waxaana halaabey 8 Cod.

Guddoomiyaha Guddiga doorashada Guddoonka Baarlamaanka Koonfur Galbeed ayaa ku dhawaaqey in xilka Guddoomiyaha Baarlamaanka Koonfur Galbeed uu ku guuleystay xildhibaan Cali Saciid Fiqi.

Doorashada Guddoonka Baarlamaanka Koofur Galbeed ayaa aad uga hooseysay doorashooyinka kale Guddoonka Baarlamaanka dowlad goboleedyada, maadaama xamaasadda tartankaas uu aad u hooseeyay, marka loo eego in hal musharax kaliya ahaa ninka la hadal hayay.

Goordhow ayaa la guda geli doonaa doorashada Guddoomiye kuxigeenada Baarlamaanka Koonfur Galbeed,hayeeshee Xildhibaanada loo fasaxey qado iyo inay Salaad soo dukadaan.

Xildhibaanad Aamina Isaaq Maxamed  iyo Maxamed Nuur Maxamed ayaa u taagan xilka guddoomiye kuxigeenka 1aad ee Baarlamaanka Koonfur Galbeed,halka Xildhibaan Shamso Maxamed Yaroow oo ah Shaqsiga kaliya ee u taagan qabashada xilka guddoomiye kuxigeenka 2aad ee Baarlamaanka Koonfur Galbeed.


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8 minutes ago, Dhagax-Tuur said:

It's obviously a political move.  N&N political juggernaut is working overtime.

Absolutely. I have to admit they seem more competent than before.

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EU Ambassador is not what is crucked up to be, for a person who has seen it all long ago. I mean the trappings of city, big city life and if corrupt helping some friends and relatives use the connections.

For most African Ambassadors, its more support/generosity of Local and EU institutions, rather than what one gets paid from home or places rented.

Where as back home, of course there is big risk of getting killed, but other than that big risk;

1. He would be highly regarded for education and social status

2. He would be an authority on just about any issue regarding EU since experience and personal knowledge of some acquaintances and friends.

3. Speaker for a person courageous enough to use it, is not a cheap/glorified position. It has some stick to it. Sherifka has been in every position in Somalia and also SWS, look how he was always significant. Chairman, Speaker, Governor, Minister..you name it.

Wish him success and since he seems accomplished, hopefully the locals can use his need for speed and efficiency and finding solutions.



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