Year 2019 and Somalia/Somaliland security

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It is very interesting if anyone came to Somaliaonline and made a study on how many topics in relation to Somaliland's security vs Somalia, they would go away with Somaliland being very in secure.  It is a case of geedkii midho leh ayaa dhagaxa lagu tuurtuura. Geed aan midho lahayn cid wax ku falysa ayaa iska yar. 

If the few incidents in Ceel Afwayn had made small taint to Somaliland's image as a safe heaven, then the year 2020 will restore that fact. 


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The Pirates have been involved in so many crazy under world dealings from Human Trafficking, Piracy, Terrorism and now Nuclear Waste.


  • Haha - That was funny. You made me laugh! 1

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