Somaliland region governor and President Farmaajo expected to meet in Addis

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I hope Farmaajo tell Muse Bihi to stop looting land in Hargeisa. Remember the freak that burnt the Somalia passport in Boroma as a publicity stunt. What was his reward? They threw him in jail and pinched his land. lol

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Abiy Axmed Cali ayaa far u fiiqay, uguna yeeray Muuse Marqaanweyne Muqayil. Orod uu ku tagay meesha, even without asking why, a la cunug yar ninac loo taagay. Xabashi sida loogu cabsado, loo caabudo iyo loo ixtiraamo wax la tartami karo ma leh dying marqaan-induced secessionists.

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Hi Folks,

Well, let me say, that, it's actually deeply ironic, not to say wholly revealing to read some of the bleating of the teeming Ilma-Gumeed we have in here. And by that I mean a man whose his region is under occupation by the likes of Ethiopians, shouldn't be the one who is saying that others are at the "mercy" some folks. Or even he shouldn't be the one to say any degrading argument about others.

Moreover, the very president he gives his "purchased soul" to it, which is what he does daily for the likes of Mr Cheeseman, is actually a man who can't go to toilet in Villa Somalia, just to open his bowel before asking the likes of Mr Abby Ahmed, before hand, in-terms of what he thinks of it.

Thirdly, his own regional president, Mr Lafta-Gareen, was actually install, like so much of a puppet in Baydhabo, over the blood and the over the dead-bodies of his kin and kith of the beggars sort, who are from that region. Which was never (and will never will be) a political act that will ever come to pass for any president of Somaliland.

So you see folks when I say some of the teeming Ilma-Gumeed's ninnies we have in here are so desperately illiterate, and are also so deeply bereft of any sense of honor (manly ones or otherwise), this is what I had in mind.

For no man other than a wretched low-born, mentally colonized, a defeated man in his own region, will actually accuse others of being at the call and at the beck of any one else. When in fact, on the other hand, his teeming kin and kith who are the "cloth-less beggars" of Somalia, are actually the very degraded folks who are at the receiving end of other's call and beck and are also under their yoke, on a daily basis.    

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