Mogadishu's Business Community are bombed out of Business

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The famous Bakaraha Market no longer is as vibrant and as bustling as it once was. This due to a combination of many things topping these are 1. security and 2. Taxation.

In terms of Security, firstly there are so many checkpoints that it is not even funny. Getting to the market ordinary people have to navigate through checkpoint after checkpoint. There are cases of checkpoint soldiers demanding bribe money or even kill people.

Yet, despite all the checkpoints there are still Alshabab. 

And the other issue affecting taxation by both Alshabab and Cheeseman's Government. The business community neither get any service from these tax money, no fire fighting service, no security, nothing. There were many cases of fire breaking out and damaging businesses buildings.

The end result is a city under siege. whose only bright spots are getting bombed out of business or taxed out of business.

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While Mr. Baile is counting his tax money, the people of Mogadishu are either counting their dead people or counting their lost income. They are worlds apart. 

Nabar iyo Naxdin is busy stashing cash in the slush funds and dining and wining in Djibouti & Addis Abeba since Nairobi is off limits these days. 

Here is one of Cheeseman's closest men (former head of Police in Mogadishu) now a security adviser, in Addis Abeba enjoying his room service.  



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How reckless are these officials? Here the police chief of the nation in turmoil  taking pictures with the EThiopian flag on the background in lush hotels.

Waar wuxu doqonsanaa.

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