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Congratulations--Or Awguuriyo

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No person is going to be congratulated. Ah, I'm sorry. :D


However, Somaliaonline, its staff members and active participators are the ones who have done the job well.


What am I talking about?


The past year or so, every time I read a Soomaali news from site, its related Soomaali Internet links is always


It doesn't even link its own Soomaali-related site.


And it rarely links the ubiquitous other Soomaali sites out there.


This is what I am talking about


Or this




Look at the right side of your screen and under related Internet links. If the news is about Soomaaliya or Soomaali-related, links this indispensable site.


So the question is, did the induce BBC or it is solely as a result of...?


Anyway, baraawo. It feels good to be recognized and chosen by, at least, a little but otherwise prestigious institution like

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Deeq A.   

Asalamu Alaykum


Thanks Nomads.


Macruuf, not only are we listed as a related source site now, we were actually on the list of "BBCi Recommended" on their popular search engine for a while but we lost our status after the website went down for a month due to our server limitation at the time. Their crawling software caught us and that wasn't pleasant. That "downtime" was a set back for us as it costed us our title. We were the first Somali website ever to be recommended by the BBC as having a Somali-related quality content.


Don't worry nomads, we are building our "credit" back as the most decent, reliable Somali content on the internet. Soon inshallah SOL will be on the "BBCi Recommended" list. The BBC's "internet army" is still watching our performance and it will just take time to get their trust back.


It is amazing what a good management can do to a small website that doesn't even offer anything but a platform for good discussions.



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