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Michael Jackson has died

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Originally posted by Fu-Fu:

I bet Michael will become more popular than ever now!

You can expect to see commemorative album collections from record companies. More popular in death than his last few yrs.

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I am an MJ Fan


I do not care what your opinion of the man was (not unless it is a positive one). If you come here to argue then you indeed Want To Be Starting Something. I bet You Are Not Alone too. For many people, the death of Michael is a Thriller. Let us not have any Smooth Criminals bad mouthing the King Of Pop. Beat It!


Now, when people look back on his life and achievements, will they see The Man In The Mirror? Will they say it is Human Nature? Will they compare him to Dirty Diana?


Michael was Off The Wall. He was one of a kind and, because of the advance in technology and the explosion in media, no other singer will get the singular publicity Michael got in the eighties. His music helped Heal The World. He was Bad and not many people cared if he was Black Or White.


He had fans all over the place and he Rocked Our World. From India to China, everyone loved him. He made us cry, he made us dream he even made Liberian Girls Scream. The Way He Made Us feel was something else! We wanted to Rock With You, Michael. We wanted to become Dancing Machines.


Remember The Time when you first unleashed the Billi Jean video on TV? It was refreshing, different and great. Some people argue that you’ve Gone Too Soon. But we, your fans, knew this day was coming. We saw how thin and reclusive you’ve become and we knew it was Dangerous.


Some people accused you of being gay and said you were hiding In The Closet. But then you took Brook Shields to the Oscars and told them The Girl Is Mine. Later, you shocked us all by marrying Elvis’s daughter and said to us she’s The Lady In My Life. But then she disappeared and you said She’s Out Of My Life!


We heard that you shacked up with your nurse and we all said Who Is It? You got her pregnant (with a tube we hear) and said Baby Be Mine (before inserting it, the tube that is). Everyone thought you would call your first child Ben, but you didn’t! People accused you of child molestation but all your fans Blamed It On The Boogie. Then you had a second child and said this is Another Part Of Me.



You were asked about the change in your colour and you said I Can’t Help It! But we’re all lying, Michael. We all want to Jam, One Day In Your Life.


Farewell Michael. Your death has made us Speechless. If only we had One More Chance we would Come Together and Heal The World once more. There would be Blood On The Dance Floor, Michael. Because I Just can’t Stop Loving You!


Maybe they are right maybe You were Gone Too Soon.


ps. ;)

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^^^At least we won’t have to hear about any more child molestation accusations or dangling children from balconies. lol go ahead flame me.

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