Reality in Somaliland region

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Meesha sawirada qarniyada jiro ku sawiran yihiin magaceeda saxda ah Laasgaal waaye ee maxee secessionists u rabaan magaca Laasgeel ugu badalaan?

Does the likes of Muuse Marqaan think mass-induced marqaan of the public might think gaal inuu yahay offensive word? Ma'oga miyaa the word geel derives from the ancient word gaal. That is why all those clan names and places have gaal words in them than geel.

Back to the topic, Muuse Muqayil and his bad advisers do really think paying aid money from international donors to foreigners will help secessionist cause - before it was neo-con Zionists in Washington and now some average Youtube stars being paid to go Hargeysa.

War dad baahida, biyo la'aanta iyo abaaraha heyso lacagta wax ha loogu qabto.

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