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Oromo's Tubeec

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An excellent, waaw video on


It is the Oromo's equivalent of our Tubeec, I guess, because the shower of dhunkasho, jilibqabasho, showering of lacagta the singer is receiving makes qof laga dambeeyo.


The girl singing too, who looks amazingly Saado Cali yaranteed. She looks cute on that dirac and goorgorad. Oromos, our cousins, are slowly adapting our dirac. Nice seeing our culture adapted, instead of other ways some Soomaalis seem to appreciate. smile.gif


Also the jilbaqabsashada and showering of lacagta ancient Soomaali dhaqan ayaan moodi jiray, so Oromos [soomaali Aboow] share that with us too, aha? Not surprised since what we mutually share, including the basis of language family and other ancient hido iyo dhaqan, is slowly coming out.


Perhaps some of you are surprised, but in the old days, jilbaha ayaa waalidiinta [parents and other elders] la qabsan jiray, in form of affection and honour. Soomaalida hadda waa ku yartahay doing that, so you might not have experienced seeing it, only the phrase garka iyo jilbaha ayaa ku heystaa ka hartay.


What is the first words of elder singing horta? Kaalay, kaalay, kaalay? And who can master those moves of his? Nice music too.

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Brother allthough they are our cousins i do not think they appreciate the ''Somali Abbo'' part..Oromo girls attacked me when i said that..


another on a Islamic forum gave me this info and i checked it


Being and becoming Oromo: Historical and Anthropological Enquiries page 66


A commonly held assumption by the Amhara ruling elites was that the huge Oromo Society was nothing more than a conglomerate of petty states having little in common besides the language wherever it was retained. Accordingly, the Oromo were considered an enormous population of Adams and Eves, from whom the apple of ethnicity had as yet been withheld. A similar attitude was shared by the Somali ruling elites who had their own unbridled ambitions to create a Greater Somalia which included millions of Oromos. They went even further than the Amhara and claimed the Oromo were pre-ethnic raw materials who could be Somalized.


At the time of the temporarily succesfull Somali advance against the Ethiopians in the 1970s, it was plausible and from the Somali viewpoint attractive to present the Oromo as a kind of Human population waiting to be turned into Amharas or Somalis by the turn of political fortune and religious conversion.


The Amhara ruling elites undermined Oromo national identity and unity on the grounds that the development of Oromo nationalism would lead to the disentergration of the Ethiopian Empire. The Somali ruling elites undermined Oromo national identity on the grounds that the growth of Oromo nationalism would abort the realization of the dream of Greater Somalia.


The Amhara attitude was nourished by the spectre of the disintergration of their Empire for, without the rescources of Oromia, Ethiopia cannot exist as a viable state. The attitude of the Somali ruling elites was nourished by the untenable ambition to build Greater Somalia. This ment from it's birth Oromo nationalism faced intense opposition from both Ethiopia and Somalia. Oromo nationalism emerged partly out of the struggle against Amhara domination and partly against Somali expansionism. Christian Oromo nationalists rejected the appeal of Ethiopian christian ideology, while the Muslim Oromo nationalists rejected the Somali religious propaganda; facts which are often overlooked. During the war of 1977-78 between Ethiopia and Somalia, Somali soldiers occuppied Oromo territory in Hararghe, Bale and Sidamo, where they embarked on a Somalization programme. This meant that the creation of Greater Somalia was combined with an attack on Oromo national identity. At that time the goal of the Oromo nationalist movement was to resist Somali aggression and the Amhara elites attempt to maintain the colonial status quo in Oromia. Consequently Oromos were attacked by both Ethiopian and Somali forces, which retarded Oromo nationalism by at least a decade.


you can read it on googlebooks


i never knew this stuff, makes sense that some might hold a grudge

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Soomaali Aboow is an endearing term oo dagaalkii Soomaali Galbeed soo caan baxday. Siiba waxaa la dhihi jiray kuwii ku jiray jabhadii Oromadda lahaa, Soomaali Aboow Liberation Front, oo side-by-side la dagaalami jiray Western Soomaali Liberation Front [WSLF]. That jabhad either wanted to go with Soomaali Galbeed or go alone independently. Soomaali state had no problem with either decision they made.


Of course, few may think in wax kala laga wado. There are also some minor problems oo Xabashada isku direyso Soomaalida iyo Oromada that live in Xarar and Diradhabe. Sanaawi in uu isku diro ayuu rabaa, that is why uu ugu dhigay Diradhabe a 'federal' city, outside of Soomaali Galbeed boundary.


Anaga camal ma'aha oo dalkeena ku jisaaray, Oromada waa naga badan yihiin and still do not have a country of their own, of course so they may have some grudges against the whole world thinking everyone conspired against them.

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^Sorry for going Off-topic at beginning bro yes i saw the vid and it's strange it's like you understand what he's singing evendo you don't lol


Afaan oromo

Kan adaamonnii gaaraa rukkatte

Boonaa sabaa addaadotaafi abbeeronni dhungate

Irraa hin furin itti duudhi malee

ofitti hin dhiisin tolchii hudhi malee

jedhanii kan abeeraa fi adaadaan gorfatan

ija itti liphsanii garaa jalaan bira dhaabbatan

maaltu duubatti deebisaa ree boonaa

adaamota rukkatee keessaan doonaan

otoo kun jiru galtichs eessa gaha

walabummaa malee maaltu irra dhagaha

kana hin hubanne, yeroomaaf harka dhaha


they took the double o's, i's and a's to whole new level lol but nice though..

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