A brand new Somali integration iniaitive!!!

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Hey guys/gals


We are an SKII (Somali Knowledge Integration Initiative). Our main goal is to create an international Somali based platform which aims to bring free and accessible quality education to all Somalis.


We strive to provide the Somali people the tools to rival our international peers. We believe that nation-building inherently relies on the liberalization of knowledge. It is only when every Somali can marvel at the poetic mastery of Shakespeare, the fluidity of tensor calculus and the mystic qualities of quantum mechanics can we grasp success.


We have named our organization Xiin Finiin, after the Sayid's legendary horse.We are a relatively new organization and are hungry for fellow Somalis to join us on our endeavor.


Initially, we have separated our organization into three (often intersecting ) groups :




Recruiters will deal with the proliferation of marketing materials to all sides of the web. You will be responsible for managing the media accounts of Xiin Finiin.


Recruiters/Marketers should be able to inspire fellow Somalis through mere words.


Content Creators:


The bread and butter of Xiin Finiin are the content creators. Essentially you will be handling the production of knowledgeable material and advertising numerous ports owned by Xiin Finiin(web, youtube, etc).


Content creators roles often fluctuate and will be explained in detail when verified.




Techies are initially the most valuable members of Xiin Finiin. As a techie, you will be responsible for the building for building Xiin Finiin's numerous ports. Techies should be skilled in web development, app development, and popular programming languages.


If you are interested in being part of Xiin Finiin and want to know more join us on discord:


Also, we would appreciate it if you like us on twitter :


If you want to know more just message us on this account or our Facebook page.

Important Notes:

Techies and translators are in demand right now.


All users undergo a verification process to check if serious.


XiinFiniin does not support any views espoused by our individual members unless states so.


XiinFiniin also doesn't allow any form of politics on our servers (including religious politics).


This would be a non paid enterprise (largely volunteering)

Xiin Finiin.png

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