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  1. Anyone have any sources on this matter? There is already a strip in badhan but it is not functioning as of now. Is it an upgrade? refurbishment? who is running it?
  2. They can keep sending warning letters all they want.
  3. It depends on if the punt-land government can take advantage of this situation.
  4. They would pay haphazardly and not constantly while prioritizing leaders instead of soldiers. Muse Bixi has implemented no far sight new reforms to somaliland since he came in. I don't want Badhan to be paid by Puntland but rather become a self sufficient economy, Deni can help badhan in that respect. There has not been any mass defects to somaliland in the past in sanaag so i doubt that.The orders were to attack the town with the support of 5000 troops from western somaliland, Nuux Taan must of been high on Khaat to think they would even allow that.
  5. KKK reer sool are short sighted , they are finally seeing what happens when you lie with the enemy.Begging comes at a price unfortunately.
  6. Madoobe literally cannot read Presedential kulaha!
  7. Puntland isn't paying for the soldiers who left the secessionist plot.Around 200$ was taken from most diaspora to soften the transition from Somaliland. Somaliland doesn't have alot of reputation in Eastern sanaag as we haven't had an internal skirmish for 100 years or so , therefore they couldn't divide any of the people against each other. They had the balls to order a *** to kill another *** and attack badhan. That quickly led to a refusal which led to looting of their bases(which were really just make shift buildings). Most of Eastern sanaag is economically tied to puntland and thus often support puntland. The situation is completely different to sool where there are internal battles between the clans and strong maternal ties to hargeisa etc. Furthermore somaliland broke a pact signed in 2007ish which agreed that no none *** soldiers were allowed in eastern sanaag. Deni is implementing a new system to unify sanaag and bari economically.Alot of us live in Bari, especially bosaso so that has lead to a shift in ties.