Hassaan Khayre will be leaving soon, and the sixth ( Beesha Lixaad) community had sent an ultimatum to Mogadishu, Hargeisa and Garoowe.

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Farmaajo as usual isn't a man who likes conflicts, confrontation or big changes. He want to do things in a gradual way. 


My sources told me that Farmaajo had asked the international community to extend his term for two more years. The American financed Danab brigade is growing and the Americans consider this forces as the only reliable force to defeat Al-shabaab. Farmaajo want to build these type of forces for the next two years and deploy them in real confrontation for his next two years after the end of his term.. He insisted that ." he is not interested for a second term but want to finish the security issues for the next four years ( Arrinta Amaanka Waxaan Rabaa in Aanan uga tegin cida iga dambeysa)".

Yet, the donors and the international community had rejected any extension. In fact, they told him that " he must prepare for the next election without delay".  They Sixth community  had complained the static nature of the constitutional file that has not been moved for the last two years. They told both the government and the agitating opposition to get ready for a new road map that should pave the way for the next election.

Among those members of the opposition who met in Kenya, not one single of them is electable. They probably paving the way for others , either Shariif Ahmed or Hassan Sheikh.  Yet, the biggest demand of the opposition so far has always been the resignation of the prime minister. Every Cali and Omar that meets Farmaajo is demanding a change of course which means the departure of the prime minister.


My sources told me that Farmaajo had asked Khayre to go to the parliament and ask for renewal of confidence or a vote of confidence from the parliament in order to re-energise his agenda and mandate. That request from the president is interpreted as Farmaajo throwing Khayre to the wolves.


Also, khayre's arrogance and false boasting had reached its limits.Few weeks ago he proposed a foreign national for the central bank. When Somalis everywhere opposed this move, he announced that any qualified individual including Somalis could apply. Finally,  a dozen Somalis around the world applied for the job. A consultant from the prime minister's office who used to work with Khayre at the Norwegian refugee council was put in charge to select the most qualified candidate. Finally, a man by the name of Huseen Khaliif who used to work for the canadian development bank and Islamic bank in the gulf came to the top of the list. Like the last Somali Bank governor he hailed from Puntland. Suddenly, Khayre changed his mind and  scrapped the whole process and named governor of the bank  the same man who was conducting the interview. That move had infuriated members of the Puntalnd inside  parliament and the upper house and suddenly increased the rank of the opposition demanding his ouster.


Also, Former president C/qasim Salad Hassan had urged  his Galgaduud clan to support the president and slow down the the agitation in the capital. The news in the streets of Mogadishu is that the real opposition is shifting from Galmudug boys to the Aadan Yabaal and Jowhar community. Since Galmudug doesn't have any man who is  ready to replace Farmaajo in the future, they might as well get the premiership and ride with Farmaajo than just being outsiders who are  paving the way for the Unaka boys.

Folks, the news is that Khayre days are numbered. The issue is no more If he will leave,  but when. The question is: who will replace him ?. There are men like Cali Geedi agitating for confrontation with the opposition and especifically , the Galmudug boys. Personally, I do not think that Geedi will be the man. If he becomes the premier, it will the repeat of 2007 which is a bad memory for  the Mogadishu people. The names thrown around so far are: C/kariim Guuleed, the former president of Galmudug, Taabit Cabdi, former Mogadishu governor or a lady at the president's office. Will have to wait.

Also, the Sixth community had asked Puntland and Mr. C/laahi Deni to conduct municipal elections and pave the way for real elections. Mr. DEni had seen the auction market that took place in Garoowe early this year and want to change the system gradually and eliminate the 66 men who chooses the leader. The biggest opposition against any municipal elections would be those who hail from Sool and Sanaag. Their territory is under Somaliland , and at the end , might lose those cushy ministerial posts they hold in Puntland. Most Reer Bari want real elections.

The strange thing about those from Soola and Saaag is that they have more seats than anyone in puntland. These two communities have 25 seats together which is  more than double of the so called MS boys. In order to win they just need another 9 votes , yet they chose to be king makers who want to enjoy life in Garoowe.

Finally, the Sixth community had visited Hargeisa in large entourage and given an ultimatum to Muuse Biixi and other heads of the political parties. Hold the parliamentary election before the end of the years or no more money for Somaliland ( Anaga iyo Idinka way inoo kala dhmaatay ).

Now, the  black supervisors of the Somali region must listen the most powerful community or face cash restrictions and other issues. We must also understand that Somalis from Hargeisa to Garoowe and Mogadishu are under certain parole conditions that is imposed by the Sixth community. It will be wise for al to realize the overlords and try to be independent gain.

Ninkii Moodaya in ay wax gacmaha ugu jiraani ha ku quus qaato. Qudhaanjooy ku quuso.






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Knowing farmaajo's history judged by its past 2 years and so, he will chose another Geedi that will start an destructive war in Mogadishu against the Galmudug Boys that are stationed throughout Banaadir and Shabeelooyinka, signs are showing that failed farmaajo is heading down the same road the disgraced abdulahi yuusuf went and that is an humiliating early exit from Presidency and an exile from Somalia.

It's very sad that Farmaajo chose to bite the hand that fed him his Presidency.

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The IC has very little leverage over Somaliland. We do not do elections because of getting money from IC, rather it is in our own interest to have proper elections. 

The current issue which is causing frictions is related on how to hold the best elections possible in the circumstances/environment that Somaliland is in. That is to have proper free, fair and transparent elections and to also apply knowledge and improvements learned from the shortcomings of 2017 elections. 

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