Sool region to self fund its own security and development

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According to the new Sool Governor and leadership, Sool region has seen dramatic increase in taxation revenue and now stands more than $1 million dollars each month. 

Previously, the Somaliland Central Gov't funded all the services for local governments in Sool. It seem this is becoming less and less the case as the local taxation collection self funds local needs.

The Central gov't should not withdraw the money it used to allocate for Sool region but instead redirect that same money to advance the Somaliland authority to reach the borders of the Republic. 



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That is a beauty of a stable governance and peaceful environment. And the reason I say it is that between 1998 - 2007, that city of Las-Anod, was a war-zone, where people used to get killed in broad day light by bunch of marauding Pirate's militia.

And now it's a city that is developing fast. I was there in the summer of 2018 (for two days) on my way from Hargeisa to Ceerigaabo, after I have decided to pass through it just to see the city. And it was amazing how quickly it was developing even compare how it was as late as in the fag-end of 2017 (December of 2017 to be precise), which was when last I was there after the presidential election.

And speaking about reminiscing of the past, I genuinely will love to hear from my old boxing partners in here of SOL, namely, such chaps by the names of Sophist and Taleexi, who were fellows that I have spend many countless hours of debating this precise question with them. In particularly of where Las-Anod's political destiny will eventually fall? Will it be with the Pirates or will it be with the rest of Somaliland.

But apparently, when both of them eventually realized that I was right and they were, as usually, talking so much of a "tiresome porkies" about that city, although they actually have hailed from that city (both of them) they have decided to quit on us in here of SOL. Or preferably they have changed their names are still in here, from time-to-time.

Or perhaps they elected to be a "silent readers" of SOL, given that they have lost the "monumental bet" of history about the fate of Las-Anod in-terms of whether, for better or for worse, that city of Las-Anod (specifically) and Sool region in general, are singularly matters (or affairs) which in turn are "tied-at-the-hip" with the fate of the rest of Somaliland. Or whether that region has a particularize destiny that is independent of the fate of Somaliland.

Hence, it's such a pity that they have decided to run to the hill and left us in the lurch in here of SOL, once their "bet-of-history" turn out to be so much of a touchingly wishful thinking on their part, indeed.

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