Saudi man eats 2 of his 4 wife after being stranded in the Desert.

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Picture is not his, but used for sensational reasons.


A Saudi man and two of his four wives have miraculously survived after a tragic car crash left them stranded in the scorching heat of the Saudi desert for 13 days reports the Riyadh Herald.


Mustafa Ali Hamad, 41, and his four wives were traveling to a family greeting near Ash Shalfa when they took a wrong turn during a sand storm and crashed their vehicle, which killed one of Hamad’s wife on the spot.

For three days, they were left in the hot scorching sun with barely any water and no food until Hamad decided to send two of his wives in search of help, himself not being able to do so because of his medical condition.

Both women roamed the desert during a gruesome ten days before finding help in a small village. Rescuers were shocked to find only the husband alive and his two other wives dead, of which he had fed upon to survive during his ordeal.

“I hope Allah can forgive me in this moment of weakness for eating the flesh of both of my deceased wives, but I could not control myself, I was so hungry,” he told reporters, in tears.


During his 13-day ordeal, Hamad told journalists that he decided he had no other choice but to feed upon his deceased wife who had perished during the car accident, but that his other wife vehemently refused to do so and died three days later.

“I fear Allah’s judgment for what I have done but all my wives are devout Muslims and so I believed the flesh of their dead bodies to be halal (lawful or permissible)” he lamented during an interview.


Hamad also said that he fears authorities will punish him for his actions but that he has put his faith in Allah’s hands and that he is ready to confront whatever judgment will befall upon him.

Although it is not allowed to kill a human being under Islamic law with the specific intention of eating him, most Muslim scholars agree cannibalism is permitted, but only under special circumstances.

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3 hours ago, Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar said:

Waraa, you can easily believe for hoax, fabricated news like this, too? cool0008.gif

I figured any bad publicity on the Saudi is good for the Beesha Somaliweyne regardless its authenticity. 

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