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Qac Qaac

males females, both sexually frustrated

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cause nobody's having sex.


lol ya rite! Even pre-teens are having sex now a days its shocking.


I think the reason everyone is sexually frustrated it becuz we're living in a western countries where its okay for men n women to mingle.. while women are half naked. We're exposed to so much sex whether its on tv, magazines, school or the internet. In most western countries its legal for women to walk around topless.




- Fasting


If tht doesn't work


- Sex (But fornication is haram!!!)


sooo if fasting doesn't work then i guess the only HALAL solution is


- Marriage

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i totally agree 100% with the girl above me on the solutions.


fear Allah wherever you and remember that pre-maritial sex is haraam and Allah is all-seeing, all-hearing, and He is watching you


i mean, didnt u guys ever hear the hadith, of the black ant, on a black stone in a black night? ..Allah can see it!!!!!

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