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Tsunami hits Somalia

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Many missing as waves hit Africa


Hundreds of Somali fishermen are feared to have drowned in the massive waves produced by Sunday's undersea earthquake off Indonesia.

A spokesman for the newly elected government said the fishermen had not returned after putting out to sea.




Yusuf Ismail Baribari said towns along Somalia's coast had been flooded by the rising waters.


Waves which swept 7,000km (4,000 miles) from the epicentre, also struck Kenya, Mauritius, Reunion and the Seychelles.



Bridge damaged


In the Kenyan port town of Malindi, where a 20-year-old swimmer reportedly drowned, fishermen ventured back in the water on Monday to gather the remains of their boats.


Beaches that were closed on Sunday reopened, amid government warnings to tourists to take precautions.


There was also damage in the Seychelles where a bridge linking the main airport and capital Victoria was destroyed while a village in northern Mauritius was submerged for almost three hours following the surges.


"I am asking people to remain calm and help those in need," Seychelles President James Michel said in a television address.


About 15 fishing boats were damaged in the French territory of Reunion.


Officials in Tanzania and its semi-autonomous Zanzibar and Pemba islands are giving hourly warnings, advising fishermen to look out for more waves.


The British government warned its citizens in Madagascar, Mauritius, the Seychelles, Kenya and Tanzania to be alert for potential danger from the sea surges.


Allah yarxama to those who perished in this huge quake, ameen

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Allah yarxama to those who perished in this huge quake

Indeed, Allah yarxama, ameen.


There was a lengthy article about this tragedy in the Guardian today, but all it seemed to concentrate on was the British casualties who are a small fraction of the total death toll.

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Ina Lillahi Wa Ina Illeyhi Rajacuun...!


Brothers & Sisters 100 people are feared to have been the victims of the Tsunami and the figures could rise, please say your Duca and contribute your donation to Aid agencies who are working with the government of Puntland in order to establish the effects of the tidal wakes. The magnititude of the disaster is not strong in Somalia as in the areas you are seeing in your TV , or it could also be that the World press are not present in Somalia as they are in these holiday resorts. But please contact aid agencies and do your bid. It is time like this you need get rid of your difference and help your brothers and sisters who are affected by this tragedy.

Illah ha uu naxaristo inti ku dhimatey kuwa ka badbadaney Illaho kalmey...amiin..!


Over 100 Somali fishermen feared killed by tsunamis

More than 100 Somali fishermen are presumed dead as a result of deadly tsunamis that battered the country's coast over the weekend, a presidential spokesman told AFP.


"The number of missing people, who are assumed to be dead, is more than 100 along the coastline at the Indian Ocean in the regional state of Puntland," Yusuf Ismail Baribari, a spokesman for Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed said.


"They went fishing as usual early yesterday morning and have not returned because of the tragedy."


Mr Baribari said the fishermen came from the Gara'g, Haafun and other villages in north-eastern Puntland region and sailed to the sea with small wooden boats called dhows, which they use for fishing.


Tidal waves, triggered by an earthquake in Indonesia have left more than 20,000 people dead in Asia, also smashed several points in the Africa's eastern coast on Sunday.


"We are appealing for immediate humanitarian assistance," Mr Baribari said, adding that tidal waves shattered several boats along the country's coastline.


The chaotic horn of Africa country has no effective mechanism of responding to disaster since 1991 when dictator Mohammed Siad Barre was toppled and the whole nation plunged into chaos and anarchy.


Accordingly, Mr Baribari said it was hard to assess the scale of disaster in the country of about 10 million inhabitants with a vast coastline, stretching from Kenya to the Gulf of Aden.


Source: - AFP, Dec. 27, 2004





Waves slammed into the region of Puntland, a v-shaped slab of northeast Africa with coasts on both the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean.

Source SkyNews UK

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