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Driving cab is .....

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Driving a cab is the most dangerous job in America -- but it also lets immigrants move ahead. Is this a great country or what?


I found it a very interesting story/experiences specially for those cabie nomadic boys in America read it when you have time.


"The girls, I swear, they get more drunk than the guys," he says. "A drunk white woman does whatever she feels -- take off top, try to touch you. They go crazy. She don't know that guy; now he's in her house. I see a lot of women lose their personality and do these crazy things."



"That was a funny Somalian guy," he explains after the call ends. "One time, I drove some guy for hours. At the end, he get out of the car, didn't pay me but left a large package in the back. I opened it up and looked inside. I didn't know what it was at first, but I read the box: It was a plastic *****! The receipt was still there, so I took it back to the store and got thirty bucks for it. That was the first time I ever got paid like that! So now, every time I talk to this friend, he asks me, 'So, how's that plastic *****?'"

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