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  1. Give me examples of my unreasonable actions, ya Che. Because I highlighted a few examples of a certain region's current difficulties using objective, third-party sources? I don't engage in the usual 'Habartey baa sidaa ii sheegtey iyo wax la mid ah'! So why have you convicted me, my friend? Secondly, the parties you refer to seemed to have a far greater effect on you once your Puntland citizenship was put in jeopardy You went from a rational observer of the Somali saga to labeling anything that moves a certain derogatory term which refers to 'a woman of ill repute' I will wait for your Pendulum to swing back to Equilibrium, if you know what I mean...
  2. The mountain of proof builds up (as much as others try to deny it)! For those who were claiming nothing happened except the death of the singer, here's more (In case you missed the posting by JB on the other thread): In Af-Somali: Link And in English: Link
  3. ^^ But remember, according to our friends here on SOL, it didn't happen. Even if the Puntland VP is interviewed by the BBC or VOA and describes the fighting - It still didn't happen! Instead you'll hear cries of 'why are you picking on Puntland'. Then they will pivot to the unrelated subject of 'Somaliland refuses to have elections!'. A man who's pointing at the quality of the shoes another man is wearing while not realizing he himself is barefoot ! Cajiib.
  4. ^^ We will consider your brotherly/sisterly advice with an open heart & mind Now let's get back on topic.... We're extremely concerned about the fate of the Puntland experiment. After all, given examples around the world, it's very dangerous for us to have a ' failed state' next door to us. Very worrisome, indeed...
  5. ^^ Good point. But this company was also a significant source of revenue for the Puntland administration and paid for the refurbishing of the rudimentary Garowe airstrip (it also lined the pockets of Adde Muse and his nephew, Liban Boqor). Now it's in no condition for further payments to the administration. So the usual revenue streams are slowly disappearing. Hence, the drive to get a piece of the action re: the anti-piracy funds - to the point of hiring a $10,000/month lobbyist in Washington. We'll see how long even that lobbyist can be kept on retainer with the fast dwindling coffers. It's a catch-22 for the administration - They cannot be in any way connected to the Pirates right now with the whole world watching closely, yet the Pirates are the last remaining source of ready 'Cash-Funds'. What do you think?
  6. Originally posted by Naxar Nugaaleed: Could these be due to the global recession Interesting question... Let's see - to quote from the report, the different sectors of Range's activities and strategies are: Range Resources Limited is both an ASX listed (ASX: RRS RRSOA) and AIM listed (AIM: RRL) exploration Company, with its principal activity directed towards finding and delineating natural resources in the oil, gas and mineral sectors in Puntland, Somalia. So given that Puntland is the only play in Range's book, I don't quite see how global market swings are affecting Range's performance. Do you??
  7. Weekly: Range Resources Ltd slides 5.0% for the week, trailing 57.6% of stocks 715 words 24 April 2009 German Company News Bites – Stock Report English Copyright 2009. News Bites Pty Ltd. GERMAN COMPANY NEWS BITES STOCK REPORT Range Resources Ltd (RR5.F) slid 0.10 Eurocent (or 5.0%) to 1.90 Eurocent in the week ending Friday April 24. In the German market of 1,402 stocks, the stock has a 6-month relative strength of 42 which means it has underperformed 58.0% of the market. Compared with the DAX index which fell 2.5 points (or 0.05%) in the week, this represented a relative price change of -5.0%. Weekly Volatility: the stock traded between an intraweek low of 1.50 Eurocent and a three-week high of 1.90 Eurocent. Weekly Volume and turnover period: there were 22,500 shares worth Euro428 (US$567.3) traded. The volume was 0.7 times average trading of 32,822 shares. TODAY’S PRICE VOLUME DYNAMICS Volatility: the stock traded between an intraday low of 1.50 Eurocent and a high of 1.90 Eurocent, suggesting a trading opportunity between peaks and troughs. Relativities: today its percentile rank in the German market was 39. In the German market of 1,402 stocks traded today, the stock has a 6-month relative strength of 42 which means it has underperformed 58.0% of the market. Volume: there were 12,500 shares worth Euro238 (US$315.4) traded. Volume weighted price (VWP): the price is at a premium of 10.4% to the 1-month volume weighted average price (VWP) of 1.72 Eurocent. In the past year the premium has been greater than 10.4% just twice, suggesting a topish level and cautious buying at the current price. Access current Stock Research on (http://www.buysells gnals/com/bst/mkt/st ockResearch/stockRes any&companyid=7697&d t=2009-04-24&headlin e=RANGE RESOURCES LTD UNCHANGED ON THIN VOLUME) RR5 (http://www.buysells gnals/com/bst/mkt/st ockResearch/stockRes any&companyid=7697&d t=2009-04-24&headlin e=RANGE RESOURCES LTD UNCHANGED ON THIN VOLUME) for: charts and tables, Daily Stock PDF, Weekly Stock Report, Internet Tracker (including Reported Buying & Selling, Company website, Announcements etc) and Results PRICE PERFORMANCE RANK IN TOTAL GERMANY MARKET The following index and sector rose (rank by percentage price change of stock for 1 day;6 months in sector/index in brackets): DAX index, which was up 136.1 points or 3.0% to 4,674.3, Total Germany Market (rank 803;716 out of 9427), which was up 1.9 points or 0.6% to 298. Percentile Rank 1-day 1-month 6-months RR5 39 25 42 DAX Index 71 51 62 SHAREHOLDER RETURNS Trailing one week: the stock was untraded three times (60% of the time), was unchanged once (20% of the time) and fell once (20% of the time). The volume was 0.7 times average trading of 88,560 shares. Trailing one month: the stock was untraded sixteen times (76% of the time), was unchanged twice (10% of the time), fell twice (10% of the time) and rose once (5% of the time). The volume was 1.99 times average trading of 357,192 shares. Trailing one year: the value of Euro1,000 invested one year ago is Euro127 [vs Euro699 for the DAX index], for a capital loss of Euro873. The total return to shareholders for 1 year is -87.3%. PVEuro1000 1-month 1-year RR5 Euro127 DAX Index Euro1,116 Euro699 ISSUED CAPITAL Based on 209,304,944 issued shares the market capitalisation is Euro4 million (US$5.3 million). ACTIVITIES Range Resources Limited is both an ASX listed (ASX: RRS RRSOA) and AIM listed (AIM: RRL) exploration Company, with its principal activity directed towards finding and delineating natural resources in the oil, gas and mineral sectors in Puntland, Somalia. Currency Conversion: Euro 1 = US$ 1.3254 [or US$1=Euro 0.75]; Against the US$ the Euro jumped (or 1.8%) for the day; climbed 1.6% for the week; was unchanged for the month; plunged 13.6% in the past year. Euro 1 = 100 Eurocent. Source: www.BuySellSignals.c om
  8. Maybe Af-Somali would be easier for my obtuse students! GAROOWE : M.waynaha PL "Waxaa nala ku yiri Maamulkiina ayaa qayb ka ah burcad-badeeda" Posted to the Web Apr 24, 11:54 Garoowe:- M.waynaha Puntland Dr.C/raxmaan Sheekh Maxamed oo maanta Masaajid dhexdiis khudad ka jeediyay ayaa wuxuu sheegay kulamo caalami ah oo ay Nayroobi ku yeesheen in maamulkiisa lagu shaabadeeyay burcad-badeed oo lagu eedeeyay in qayb ka mid ah maamulka ay xiriir la leeyihiin burcad-badeeda. "Waxaa nalaku yiri Maamulkiinu xiriir dhow buu la leeyahay burcad-badeeda, waxaan ku jawaabnay wax xiriir ah oo aan ognahay lama laha burcadb-badeeda maamulkayagu baaritaana waan samaynay, waxaa nala ku yiri hadaba maamulkii hore baa burcad-badeeda xiriir la lahaa, waxaan ku niri anaga kuma aanan maqal mana aamisanin in uu maamulkii hore uu xiriir la lahaa burcad-badeeda". M.wayne C/raxmaan oo ka hadlaya burcad-badeeda kadib safarkiisa Nayroobi M.waynaha ayaa shalay markii uu ka soo dagay garoonka diyaaradaha ee Garoowe wuxuu kaliya oo uu ka hadlay burcad-badeeda iyo in caalamka oo dhan ay boog kaga dhigeen Puntland burcad-badeeda, wuxuuna xusay in ay suuragal tahay in laga qaado tallaabo caalami ah. Waxaa xusid mudan in M.waynuhu todobaad ka hor uu codsaday $20.000.000 oo uu sheegay in uu kula dagaalamayo burcad-badeeda wuxuuna xiligaasi sheegay in aysan waxba ka qaban karin burcad-badeeda haddii aysan helin kaalmo caalami ah. Axmed C/salaam Puntlandpost,Garoowe PuntlandPost Link
  9. Gentlemen from Puntland, Right now, I, Mintid, am your best friend I keep telling you 'the Puntland boat is in trouble'! Unfortunately, you're getting worked up instead of thanking me for the free advice. Usually, when a boat is sinking at sea, the definitive sign to look for is: The Rats getting off the boat! Exhibit A,B, & C: Where's Abdullahi Yusuf, where's Adde Muse, and where's Hassan Abshir? Are things beginning to make sense? I'm surrounded by very obtuse students :mad:
  10. What part of the article didn't you guys understand? Faroole is telling his followers that in his meetings in Nairobi, he was told his gov't is in bed with the pirates. He denied it. Then he was told that the previous administration, Adde Muse's, was also in bed with the pirates. He denied that as well. This is all from Faroole's mouth. Now the question is who's the international community that's telling him this? Who did Faroole meet with while in Nairobi? Was it the UN? No the UN is an international NGO that does the bidding of its member states. According to popular Puntland accounts, Faroole met with the American Ambassador in Kenya as well as the EU Resident Rep in Nairobi. He also met with some European diplomats including the Italian & French Embassies. It was these Westerners with their intelligence sources (two of which might be Duke & Emperor ) that made this accusation against Faroole. Now do you think they're going to give funds to an administration that they (rightfully or wrongfully) see as profiting from the piracy? Connect the dots, gentlemen, you can't possibly be that slow! How I feel about Puntland is irrelevant to the equation. I've presented my evidence straight from the horse's mouth...
  11. Duke, What have I been telling you for the last 2 weeks about Faroole's trip to Nairobi? These are your own sources being quoted by the BBC Monitoring Service which is just a translation service. You are an obstinate student JB, They're (Xiin, Duke, and Emperor) going to add Puntlandpost to the list of sites we're banned from quoting
  12. Puntland president says international community links his government with piracy 25 April 2009 04:57 AM BBC Monitoring Africa English © 2009 The British Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved. No material may be reproduced except with the express permission of The British Broadcasting Corporation. Text of report by Somali pro-Puntland government Puntlandpost website on 25 April The president of the Puntland administration , Dr. Abdirahman Shaykh Muhammad, today speaking at a mosque in Garoowe said that he attended international conferences in Nairobi, Kenya, in which he was told that part of the officials in his administration have relations with the Somali pirates that abduct ships along the Somali coast and the Gulf of Aden. " We were told that our administration has ties with Somali pirates. We told them we do not have any relations with the pirates and that we have done our investigation and established that officials of the administration have no relations with them whatsoever. We were then told that the previous administration had ties with the pirates and we said we never heard of it and do not believe the previous administration had any ties with the pirates," said the president of Puntland. The president upon returning to Puntland yesterday spoke of piracy while still at the airport and said that the whole world links Puntland with piracy. He said it was possible that an international operation will be carried out against the pirates. It is worth remembering that the president of the Puntland administration a few days ago appealed for 20m US dollars to fight piracy saying that it was unable to do anything about the problem of piracy if it did not get international assistance. Source: Somali Puntlandpost website in Somali 25 Apr 09
  13. Originally posted by Abwaan: lol...another Ayaandarro dad shacab ah la laynayo...hubkaan meesha ku sawiran soo maahan kii Gobollada Waqooyi yaalley xilligii dowladdii milateriga? oh mise warshad Hub baa hargeysa laga dhisay? LOL and "another Ayaandarro dad shacab ah la laynayo" :confused: Those two statements are contradictory, Xaaji.
  14. Madaxweyne ku xigeenka Puntland oo booqday G/Sool 24 Apr 24, 2009 - 6:32:54 PM Madaxweyne ku xigeenka Maamul Goboleedka Soomaaliyeed ee Puntland (DGPL) Gen. Cabdisamad Cali Shire ayaa kormeer howleed maanta ku tagay goobo ay ku sugan yihiin ciidamada Daraawiishta DGPL oo ku yaala Gobolka Sool. Madaxweyne ku xigeenka ayaa sidoo kale kormeerkiisa ku tagay tuulooyin ka tirsan G/Sool sida: Tukaraq, Higlada iyo Buuro Wadal. Gen. C/samad Cali Shire waxaa ku weheliyay hawlihiisa kormeerka qaar ka tirsan Golaha Xukuumada DGPL iyo mudanayaal ka tirsan Baarlamaanka Puntland. Intii uu socday kormeerka Madaxweyne ku xigeenku ayaa waxaa rasaas ku soo riday ciidamo ka tirsan Darawiishta Puntland kuwasoo sida la sheegay diidanaa in si rasmi ah uga qeybgalaan tirinta iyo dib-u-habaynta lagu wado dhamaan ciidamada amniga Puntland. Madaxweyne ku xigeenka oo saakay [Apr. 24] ka tagay Caasimadda DGPL ee Garowe ayaa watay ciidamo ka socda Ilaalada Madaxtooyada kuwasoo iska caabin ku sameeeyey ciidamadii gadoodsanaa. Sida uu noogu soo waramay wariyaha Radio Garowe Axmed Cali Faarax oo la socday wafdigii kormeerka ma jirto wax dhibaata ah oo ka dhalatay rasaasta la is dhaafsaday. Madaxweyne xigeen Gen. C/samad Cali Shire ayaan wali ka hadlin dhacdadii maanta wuxuuna Garowe ku soo laabtay maqribnimadii iyadoo wararku intaasi ku darayaan inuu warbixin kooban siiyay Madaxweynaha Puntland C/raxman Maxamad Maxamud (Farole). Maamulka cusub ee Puntland ayaa ka dib intii la doortay dib-u-hayn si xowli ku socota ku waday qeybaha kala duwan ee hey'adaha amniga sida Ciidamada Darawiishta oo loo sameeyey barro ciidan oo ay ku qaataan tabararo militari iyo mushaaraadkooda. RADIO GAROWE This was the official Puntland take on yesterday's incident between the Somaliland military and Puntland militia. It claims that it was actually disgruntled Puntland militia that fired on the Puntland VP. This forced him to return to Garowe where he reported the incident to Faroole according to Garowe-Online. What's most interesting is that I quoted this in another thread yesterday, and miraculously, the news story has been removed from as of today. The 'tol' is fast in damage control Meanwhile Xiin and Duke where claiming nothing happened in the area because Puntland webportals were only reporting the passing of a Somali singer. The same portals, I might add, that were reporting Abdullahi Yusuf will be in power for another 100 years and al-Shabaab were just a few dead-enders.... Some never learn from past mistakes...
  15. The Contradictions of Poor Xiin: Originally posted by xiinfaniin: Awoowe India and Pakistan are two countries that have real border disputes. Somaliland and Puntland are two regions in one country called Somalia. However as you can see in this thread, in the head of some deluded brothers there is a border that worth fighting, albeit imaginary one. It's wrong for Somaliland, an internationally accepted governing entity to disarm and disperse militias in its outlying areas. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: The essence of the conflict is: there is a tacit agreement between parties of Kismayo admin to prevent any armed groups to establish foot in the region regardless of Qabiil they belong. When local clans tried in Jammaame, alshabaab immediately dispersed them. In Cabdille Biroole, a local militia wanted to form a military base, and one group that is part of Kismayo admin immediately dispersed them. Is it sustainable? Time will tell. But it’s a good strategy in my opinion to monopolize the military power in the region. Yet it's OK for his kin hiding under Islamic garb to attack and disperse other related clans. Yaa Duniya...
  16. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: quote:Originally posted by Mintid Farayar: Xiin, We're going no where with this Let's get back to each other in a while, when you've hitched your bag to the next wagon that comes along, after this one fails. I think the non-participant audience outside of our opposing interest groups can see what's occurring here. As for the Somaliland elections, don't worry about it too much ---- Regardless of who wins, you'll always be on the outside Are you really that naive to think good Xiin is invested in the outcome of regional elections like the one in Somaliland? Your callowness is giving the game away . Waryee, maad wax iga baritid inta aad chance ka haysatto? No need for anger and blind lashing out. It's just a discussion of varying viewpoints, saaxiib... Relax and don't let it ruin your week. As for you having no interest in Somaliland politics, I'll save you the embarassment of 'copying and pasting' at least 5 different postings by you in rapturous support of Siilanyo when you thought he might potentially be Somaliweyn (falsely thought, I might add). 'Show afka iyo dhegtu isma oga.... Naaaw!!!'
  17. Xiin, We're going no where with this Let's get back to each other in a while, when you've hitched your bag to the next wagon that comes along, after this one fails. I think the non-participant audience outside of our opposing interest groups can see what's occurring here. As for the Somaliland elections, don't worry about it too much ---- Regardless of who wins, you'll always be on the outside
  18. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: quote:Originally posted by Mintid Farayar: Do you see the contradiction in your Double-Speak?? No I don’t see a contradiction at all. Instead I see a glaring comprehension problem from your part. A major war between these two regions (which i doubt will happen in this time ) would be a distraction from the internal politicking of SL, and an excuse to post pone the looming election. However it will not be part of a campaign to win votes for the simple reason that election wont be held in the midst of a war yaa man la caqla lah "Major War" ku lahaa I think you confuse your kin with Al Shabaab&Company. Come back to reality, Xaji. That's the real threat to Somaliland (Al Shabaab&Co), not you. Puntland is just easy prey... Real politick...
  19. Originally posted by Xaaji_xundjuf: quote:Originally posted by General Duke: What nonsense no one recognizes your moves and this futile attempt at noise making has resulted in everyone either ignoring you or in our case having a laugh. There is no border between these regions of Somalia and you are unrecognized and will never gain anything by this. Adeer you have allot of problems to deal with, and “capturing” imaginary tertian and closing a non existent border is not going to solve the corruption, lack of recognition, poverty and the division in Hargaysa. Kii duke way ka taala walahi, mar hadabu yidhi xuduud ba ma jiro anagu tan oo socono wa yoocade, Systemka anu wadano na wa system Somaliland fikirkanu waddano na wa miid Somaliland ah . sharciganu waddano na wa kii Somaliland.Ciidankan u waddano wa miid Somaliland .awoowdannu isticmaalayno wa miid Somaliland realityga on the ground is Somaliland. And there is nothing mamuulka pugland can do. Ooh yeah they can run lol. Xaajigu is our Ariel Sharon! If you guys don't behave, we have no choice but to release him on you
  20. Faroole is attempting to put some bandages on that very poor international image of Puntland as "Pirateland". As I told Duke last week, no funds are coming to Faroole or Puntland anytime soon and the whole trip to Kenya was for naught... As much as I try to teach Duke, he's extremely hard-headed. In my father's time, that type of student was forced to sit at the last row in the Sheikh School
  21. SOMALILAND: Coming to a neighborhood near you, SOON
  22. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: Seriously i thought SL was in a election footing, not in a fighting mode! Or this is perhaps part of the election . That's a possibility, however what's most interesting is the forked tongue that you and your kin speak with - when it comes to the Somaliland issue. Case Study #1 in Contradictions/Doubl eSpeak: You and your acolytes often claim the issue of independence for Somaliland is fueled by Hargeisa elites and not supported by most of the population. Yet on the other hand, you classify moves to secure the border of the nation-state from neighboring entities as election induced moves to win favor with the public. This implies the popularity of this action with the majority of the public. Do you see the contradiction in your Double-Speak??
  23. Originally posted by Xaaji_xundjuf: Xiinfanin no puntland website mention this only the Somaliland website reported this news, waxaba aad mooday tukaraq iyo gambadhe iyo lascanood , puntland kama maqna , mala ciidkala laga haysta lol. Because they're master practitioners of "Ceebtaada Qarso!!!"
  24. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: Mintid, I checked Puntland sites and this is what some of them are reporting from the region At least, when the roof is collapsing, you haven't lost your sense of humor. Admirable