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  1. To the poster I don't mean to give you grief, but I think its a lil' bit harsh for you to quote these comments and add your interpretations of what they mean. It seems to me like this is a never ending vicious cycle. I don't think its something that is mainly towards SL. And God forbid but if the tables were turned, I can pretty much suspect that the responds would be somewhat similar. Don't get me wrong I'm not condemning but only highlighting the fact that this is a vicious cycle. People mourn on a totally different level when something hits close to home. But let us still find a place somewhere in our hearts to grief for others when they are wounded. I just really hope we witness the day that our hearts are cleansed of any hatred we have towards our each.
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    Dancing Fever?

    Subhanallah, brings chills down my spine. This reminds me of a scene from the Matrix Reloaded, it was horrible, hopefully you all know what scene i'm talking about where it was some type of large convention being held at the dome like city. Well its just like its being described above. Whats the world coming 2.
  3. I ask Allah (swt) to shower his peace and blessings on this brother. Everyone should ask themselves, If I were to die 2day, how will I be remembered by my community. The brother who had passed away *May Allah bless his Soul* was remembered in so many great ways. And this is a great state to leave this ummah. To be remembered in such a way. To face your Lord at that stage. *SIGH* May Allah (swt) make us one of the believers who will enter the gates of Jannah.
  4. This makes me so sick, I haven't even read it all *and don't plan on to* but what is plastered all over the article is BullShit . I dont understand why dont these people get a life and practise theie religion. You don't see Muslims going out and trying to make up stories about them. Its like if you really think your path is the way and nothing else you wouldn't go thru all that trouble of trying to convert Muslims. This people really tick me off, its like go get a friggin' hobby or something. GET OFF OUR BACKS Breath In ... Breath Out ... Breath In ... Breath Out
  5. The Clown you obviously didn't read the topic, it wasn't asked of you to comment on what the girls liked. "keep spreading the free love beyond the boundaries" This is an offensive statement to the young lady, dont go around disrespecting ppl like this, worry about yourself. Her preference of ppl shouldn't be bothering you.
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    Online Tickets

    Salaam Just wondering if you all knew a online booking site, that offered cheap airline tickets. Do let me know. Doesn't matter if the site is from the UK,US, or Canada. just fill me in. Thankz
  7. Sounds Like FUN!!! Except I live far away from ur lil' starting point. But i've got some Q's: 1. Do you have to have some kind of licence to drive those things. 2. I can't swim for Jack will i still survive. 3. Any life/coast gaurds around. 4. Must you wear a bikinii or what ever she's wearing in the picture? Well I'm planning on going white-water rafting this summer so i might convince my budies to change it to jet skiing. Thats it for now.
  8. Animal farm, would u be able to post more info like a link about the international urban development course @ UofT. Thanks
  9. I'm so frustrated..... I can't seem to gather my words, i'm just so frustrated. Grrrrrrr Well now that the air raids have started we can only pray that Allah shower his peace and blessings upon each and everyone of our brothers and sisters in Iraq. Confused and Frustrated One
  10. Its a very interesting article, since when did people wear jilbabs one second and the next at the hair salon with a photographer. A girl with a Hijaab *backwards* and a Tank top jersy thing. VERY VERY WEIRD makes me wonder about the photographer and the people. Is this a Hoax and they're paying them some odd figures to make this story. I'm thinking i'm the only one who picked up on that. Maybe Nafisa 2. But if this is true May Allah guide them as Nafisa said, Ameen. P.S: I do have to commend them on this as they are on top of the world. Keep it up
  11. This is for all the montreal folks or anyone who's willing to trek out. Montreal Race & Equity Conference 2003 On the weekend of January 17 and 18 of 2003, McGill University will be the setting for the Montreal Race & Equity Conference. web page Sounds something worth while, we need ppl representin' so if anyone is interested do hit it.
  12. This is for all the montreal folks or anyone who's willing to trek out. Montreal Race & Equity Conference 2003 On the weekend of January 17 and 18 of 2003, McGill University will be the setting for the Montreal Race & Equity Conference. web page Sounds something worth while, we need ppl representin' so if anyone is interested do hit it.
  13. Salam A few individuals, who really weren’t in the forums to exchange ideas but for other purposes, have corrupt I could actually say I’ve had great times on in the past, but it wouldn't be the same if i would go back right now. Its Fitna Central. I do pray that the individuals who've corrupted don't find themselves a new joint up in here. Taqwa- I do remember reading your post but hadn’t had the time to respond. But, don’t you think you were out of line putting those girls in the pictures at the same level as prostitutes. If they want to display themselves in such a manner by all means let them do it. No one is forcing you to do it, and i don't think its nice for you criticize them like that. Maybe they don't know any better and they think its okay to do such a thing. Allah(swt) knows whats in their hearts. So try to help them but don't compare them to the lowest of people in our society. “I swear by the 99 names of Allah, that we are among munafiiq's that don't care about the future of Muslims.” Can you please not swear like that again seems like your casting some kind of a spell. Shouldn’t we not swear on things like that? “Wallahi I am sick of these Munafiiqs around me”- Sister if this site is giving u problems why do u seem to come back, make you’ve made your dawa if no one seems to listen and disregards your advice then you’ve remind them and it wont be held against you on the day of judgment, so I would suggest u retire. Anyhow that’s my lil’ rant for the day, I do apology if this hits where it isn’t supposed to.
  14. Salaam I think for most people they tend to attend Universities in their own towns. This is my case and many of the people I know, it’s rare that I find Somali’s who have trekked from other regions of Canada to attend university in my city (maybe one or two every year). Even though Montreal is just a few hours away, I’ve never really considered attending McGill (one factor that accounted to me never thinking about it was the French that was involved, I wasn’t ready to pickup another language); it was strictly Ottawa U and Carleton. It’s mainly because I’m not ready to leave my family and friends behind. P.S: How’s Montreal? I’m planning on going shopping on boxing day, any hot places to shop @?