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  1. loool....NNC what sour grapes? You may have a lot girlfriends who are married to reverts and good for you but generally reverts from poor backgrounds, ex convicts, ex drug dealers/users who just wear a long robe, grow a beard are marrying these lost sisters. Is that all that is required to be on the right path/embracing Islam together? Yes I'm generalising however majority of black reverts come from the circumstances I have mentioned before and I grew up with a lot them before they accepted Islam and they still continue on the same path as per previous. Now these reverts are known for their ignorance, superficiality, falsehood, partisanship and blind following ways. Converting to Islam will not wipe away your problems and the environment you grew up in. The sisters fall foul into that revert fever pit and I just smile(pray for them ofcourse) and say OHHH WELL each to their own waa iska caaadiyow qalad bay ka fahamtay this revert sh*t. When you are considering marriage, you should always consider the person's background, upbringing, his/her families involvement. You cannot under estimate the importance of heritage and culture. LOOOL@Prince of Punt........ :cool:
  2. He said they had been married for about 70 years, and that Clare Tang appeared to love her husband deeply, Australian Broadcasting Corp. reported. ^^^lool@......70 years is a life sentence, no point givin her life behind bars now is there! Madness
  3. Woman, 92, charged in death of 98-year-old husband (AP) SYDNEY — Police in Australia have charged a 92-year-old woman with killing her 98-year-old husband. Clare Tang is due to appear in court Tuesday on a murder charge after her husband was found dead in their apartment in downtown Sydney on Friday night. New South Wales state police said in a statement that C.Y. Tang was found in the lounge room and that he had suffered head wounds. A cause of death was still being determined. Clare Tang was arrested at the scene. Family friend George Tsoi said the couple were from Shanghai, China, and owned restaurants in Singapore. He said they had been married for about 70 years, and that Clare Tang appeared to love her husband deeply, Australian Broadcasting Corp. reported. Copyright © 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.
  4. Garowe Gal and NNC your comments made me chuckle...may allah help our sisters..this revert/salafi marriage phenomenon is causing major problems for some sisters but hey each to their own.. It seems to be the norm in one/two major refugee cities(Euro trash/watever yu may call them) and subhanallah the stories are quite horrific to say the least... We can only pray for these lost souls....
  5. Aaliyah to observe somebody else's does not necessarily guarantee that you're not going to experience it.... Lychee your lost, go and do some soul searching before you commit
  6. ^^Why not add your 3cents and tell us how you got hurt by a player inadeer..! I just believe most guys are players...they don't have to be but i just believe they are...
  7. why would you be anxious, as long as there is respect, honesty, integrity, trust and plenty of patience between individuals then all should be well....nothing more to it..duh
  8. ^^^I would like to think every SL citizen has the right to ask questions dee....they need to get the answers they been chasing for the last 20 odd years How did you get their before us, we been chasing this damn handshake for oh so long...
  9. ^^^O.K ibti but stop being so negative the guy just started his job... You can ask him which quick route did he take to get to number 10, did he jump on a bus/train/taxi/bicycle... :eek:
  10. ^^Going to number 10 should be for questions are you sure u der to ask ANY???
  11. ^^ looool@ Ibti stand-up and give him a round of applause...
  12. Originally posted by The Zack: Benson, if he is deported to hargeisa he will live in the madaxtooyada, remember his former employee is in charge. Plus most of the admin members in that state are ex-kacaankii guulwadayaal. Some people would make a lot of noise but he won't be touched. .....They will be remenising on the past while getting high on the marfish..and Riyaale will remember the severence package he received from his employers(former) for doing a JOB well done...
  13. We need to setup a media watchdog for all qaxooti's....... WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU ALLOW TO HAVE YOUR PIC TAKEN...mind you the 36-inch screen looks kinda marvelous.
  14. After working in the UK for five months, Mr Yusuf claimed incapacity benefit, and left the country after being declared fit for work in March 2004. ^
  15. Somali mother can claim thousands in UK benefits because her children attend British schools, EU judges rule By Daily Mail Reporter A Somali mother-of-four is entitled to claim about £2,500 in benefits because two of her children are attending UK schools, EU judges ruled today. Nimco Hassan Ibrahim was denied housing assistance because she and her estranged husband - a Danish national - failed to qualify for residency rights. She appealed the decision by Harrow Council in north-west London, claiming that as her children's 'primary carer' she should be allowed to stay on in Britain and qualify for state handouts. Today the European Court of Justice directed the Britain's Appeal Court to find in her favour. Enlarge European Court of Justice Ruling: The European Court of Justice has said Nimco Hassan Ibrahim is entitled to benefits in the UK as she is the primary carer of the child of a migrant worker It said that parents of children in school have the right of residence even where they cannot support themselves. The ruling paves the way for Ms Ibrahim to claim thousands of pounds in rent, income support and council tax benefit each month. Cllr Barry Macleod-Cullinane, Harrow Council's portfolio holder for adults and housing, said: 'We are very concerned with this outcome, as it appears to establish a major new legal precedent over benefit claims. 'Harrow Council is studying the full implications of the ruling but it could well prove to be a floodgates judgment in that people who have not yet contributed to this country or who do not have the means to sustain themselves can now seek immediate help from state welfare services. 'Rather than having a proper open and public debate about what our immigration policy should be, with that policy voted upon by our MPs in Parliament, we are now seeing a European Court determining British immigration policy. 'This judgment would seem to make this policy of free movement impossible unless one greets new migrants at Heathrow with sizeable welfare handouts.' Ms Ibrahim arrived in the UK in 2003 to join her husband, named in court as Mr Yusuf. As a Danish national, he counted as a 'migrant worker' from another EU country, with UK residency rights. This also applied to his wife. The couple have four children of Danish nationality, aged from one to nine. Enlarge ECJ Harrow Council said it would study the ECJ judgment The three eldest arrived in the United Kingdom with their mother and the fourth was born in the United Kingdom. The two eldest have attended State schools since their arrival. After working in the UK for five months, Mr Yusuf claimed incapacity benefit, and left the country after being declared fit for work in March 2004. He then 'ceased to satisfy the conditions for lawful residence' in the UK, said the judgment. Ms Ibrahim remained in the UK, separated from her husband, and, said the court, 'was never self-sufficient, and depends entirely on social assistance'. 'She does not have comprehensive sickness insurance cover and relies on the National Health Service,' the judgment added. Her application for housing assistance for herself and her children was rejected by the London Borough of Harrow on the ground that only people with a right of residence under EU law could apply. At that time neither she nor her husband were considered resident in the UK. Today's judgment said: 'A parent caring for the child of a migrant worker who is in education in the host Member State has a right of residence in that State. 'That right is not conditional on the parent having sufficient resources not to become a burden on the social assistance system.' EU rules say that members of the family of a migrant worker who is a national of one EU country and employed in another have residency rights with that worker, whatever their nationality - a right that continues even if the migrant worker no longer lives or works there. The same judges also backed the case of Portuguese Maria Teixeira, divorced from her Portuguese husband, who was turned down for housing assistance on the grounds that she had no right of UK residence because she was not working and was not therefore self-sufficient. She argued that she had residency rights because her daughter - the child of an EU national who had moved from one EU country to another - was continuing education in the UK. The EU judges said the right of residence of the 'primary carer' parent normally ends when the child reaches 18, 'unless the child continues to need the presence and care of that parent in order to be able to pursue and complete his or her education'. It was up to the national court to assess whether that was actually the case.
  16. ^loooool@usernames and hotair...stop disturbing my online fantasies, you know I dont come on here often...I need to help Maxaatiri with her picky you can see she's hittin the late 30's and defeinitely in need of that Somali kept man
  17. ^You played it well, dont ya think! it is only fair that it should be my turn now since I've kept a significant halimofied women......? :eek:
  18. Maxaatiri I'm used to ms independent , the gold-digger :cool: , the freak , the tomboy :mad: , ms ghetto , ms good girl , ms psycho :eek: and the list goes on.... which one do you fall into? loool@ibti I raised my game maxaa si kaa more carrying but what is a somali kept man? Explain....
  19. ^^Wait did you forget that I still do have the L.V bag that you bought for me.. :cool: ..shuks...I guess your still slippin in that comfort zone. Pink aa? Inadeer meel kale ayaad igaysay :mad: Maxaatiri which shall you use AMEX/VISA/MASTER?
  20. ^^forget the pink bag you and her can take me out shopping, which store shall we hit first>?
  21. You mean Oyster.... I will help a sister out, now do have a picky uncle. I think you 2 would be a match made in heaven!
  22. LoooooooL NEVER...calaacal baad naga badisay! Your time is ticking, did you make a dash for the bus stop?
  23. Maxaatiri inadeer maxaadtiri..sexually frustrated aaa, bal cut the verbal abuse, there is no need for it. If you are looking for a farah they are like buses. If you miss one, another will be along hop on the next double decker bus and chat-up the driver.
  24. Well I was looking to be more than her pink bag, but sadly waited too long and got stuck in the comfort zone... Dont worry Ibti way inoo learning from past mistakes I do not spoil halimofied chicka's with attention. ...always ignorin what they have to say, and above all else I make them earn it...looooooool....NOTHING is A FREEBEE...
  25. LOOOOOOOOOOL...haa inadeer the ones were yu hear the swipe swipe sound.. and they're still in the mates zone. laaakiin when you caught me slippin...maxaaad ii dharbaaxi waysay? :mad: I would have woke-up to reality, aint you supposed to be lookin out for me?