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  1. duke its good to see, you are learning from me, you would have never heard that qoute if i had not posted it a few weeks ago. why would you post a somali conference and then follow it with that qoute, bro be what you are, do not attempt to imitate something you are not. walahi the inferiority complex is a dangerous dangerous thing. Somalia and your little fiefdom "bax bax land" are just as crazy as each other. "i got an overflowing toilet you could possible help me with, considering its an ancient trade of yours".
  2. I am smiling because all this is all not needed. It can easily be solved.But you need to have a clear heart and remove the hate and see common sence and understand that a state can not be built in the middle of the ocean on top of water. You need to build it on the rule of law, equality, security etc. Why did Somalia fail, simple. Somalia failed because a certain section of it thought it belonged to them and used it at the expence of the rest. Thats why you have the seperation and return to independence of Somaliland and the massacres that happened in mugdisho and its subsequent insecurity. This group who led to the distruction of Somalia because of how they used it, are seen as null and void by the people of Somaliland and the people of Southern Somalia. so in return you are banging your head on a brick wall again and again for the past 20 years. Everything, should be built on mutual consent. look at Somaliland, impartially whether you hate it or not, even though a large section of the people were killed by the government and there fellow countrymen (Somalilanders) they all gathered without killing each other, for three years they talked about what happened, what were the causes, whats the solution and came to a common conclusion and acted on it and all signed the Somaliland declaration of returning to its pre-1960 status. This was signed by the elders of All Somalilands people and cities. Till this date you have a state, in which all the people are free to travel, trade,live in any city they please. if you dont believe me, check it out. This is why it is so successful. Because it was a genuine reconcile, not a fake one. Now that Somaliland is gone i think embrassing this reality would be the first step in solving Somalia's problems. Because in truth, Somalilanders are the only ones capable of brings peace to Somalia, because we are a neutral partybecause simply i dont care about "puntland" or Somalia i just want peace and my rights, simple ! So wake up and except reality and take your people out of this disaster every year that goes by it will probably mean the permanent death of Somalia and the eventual recognition of Somaliland and if this is the case then i doubt you will get any help from us, so take your chance now while you have it.
  3. you guys i have an overflowing toilet ...i wonder who can help??? ^^ read...the topic: "Somaliland is becoming Africa's 'terrorism secret"(my post - true origins of these cuqdad inferioty complex people known as the bax bax landers) For the guy above, saxib thats rich comming from a guys who's mini cab driving president begs yemen for food and A.K.'s.
  4. look at there funny flag as well, it has xabashi in the middle of it, i think the jabart*s (piratelander forfathers) are finding there real origins as ethiopian toilet washers in yemen. This is were you originate from..if you look back at your history.They came with the arabs during the islamic conquest of east africa as helpers and servants...look back at your history. This is why they have so much cuqdad in them, its an inferiority complex saxib. Yemen societal breakdown: The Sweepers: Fighting Centuries Old Isolation Sweepers or "Akhdam" as they are known used to live the lowest social level of life since the past 900 years in Yemen. In the past they were oppressed. Today also they are oppressed but to a lesser degree. Today's Akhdam are quite different in many ways. In the past their entire conditions were tragic and heartbreaking. Today their conditions are better. In the past the way they were treated contradicted with the teachings of Islam and even the human principles which call for human rights, preservation of freedom and dignity of human beings. Today these contradictions have reduced and their rights are preserved; at least as human beings and as Yemeni citizens enjoying their full civilian and political rights. Have we preserved the rights of today's rebel youth sweeper who wants to affect changes in his life. We always allege and keep calling for rights . But have we given any attention to the revolution of youth sweepers? We keep calling for peace, affection and unity in between us. Do these include sweepers? What made the society in the past deny their rights? Do we still deny their rights today? In the 21 provinces of present day Yemen, the conditions of akhdam differ from one province to another. If countrymen have moved to the capitals of each province in search of livelihood, this included the akhdam. Then we saw that Sana'a, Taiz, Hodeidah, Aden and Mukalla (Hadhramaut) became overpopulated due to the exodus. In other words, out of the 21 provinces only four to five provinces today bear the burden of overpopulation, including the akhdam. For instance now in Sana'a they have five main and permanent 'settlements', (one in Bab-al-Yemen, another in Bab-al-Sabah, third in 45km Road, fourth in Sha'oub and fifth at Al-Mahareq in Asser area). In Taiz they have five (One in Oosaifra, another in Al-Shammasi suburb, third in Mafraq Maweeya, fourth in Al-Haseb and the fifth in Al-Janad). In Aden they have six: (one in Tawahi, two in Maalla, one in Crater, one in Mimdara and one in Little Aden). They also have their permanent settlements in Hodeidah at Al-Barhameiya, Labor City (Madinat Al-Ommal), Al-Baida, Al-Salkhana and other places. In Hadhramaut they could be seen at 14th October Zone of Al-Mukalla. In Shabwa their main settlement is in Al-Gol area. Do all provinces with their capitals, districts, remote areas and 'uzlas' (hinterlands) need the akhdam to carry out for them the essential services connected with sanitation? In some areas people have their own way of life. Their latrines are open-air but 'hidden'. Farmers use their fields. In coastal areas too citizens have their own way of disposing off their waste. Such being the case, we do not find any trace of akhdam in such areas. However, akhdam have two genuine reasons for their exodus. First is that they detest the old professions of their forefathers, grand fathers and fathers who were engaged in very low ranking jobs. (Cleaning of latrines, removing blockages from drainages etc.) The second is that development has almost obliterated old system of sanitary. Sewerage system here and there has subsequently forced the new generation to find another source of living. However, a third reason for exodus could be attributed to the 'swollen' population of sweepers with difficulties of accommodation and livelihood. Even the European and Arab as well as other states, cannot dispense with the services of sweepers, no matter their historical background and no matter how people there look at their sweepers. Our topic concerns sweepers of Yemen only. Akhdam In Arabic language, "Akhdam" is the plural of sweepers. The singular is "khadem". The verb is "khadama" (serve). In the past Akhdam usually served their "Asyad" - masters. (The singular is "Syeid"). "Asyad" considered themselves higher in social rank. Today, hardly 5-10% of akhdam come under the mercy of their "asyad" but normally, today, they are independent. The importance of their presence and their cleansing works could be judged by putting a question to ourselves: "What would happen if akhdam go on strike?" In some cases we have reasons to believe that akhdams were able to dictate their conditions of service; their jobs being of different nature. Jabarti Until recently this off shoot of lowest class of sweepers have become extinct. Living in one area, the regime through the ruling machinery which included the municipalities, would divide them into groups. In the past they used to appear late hours at night going from house to house cleaning the "zawali" (latrines). They used to be seen carrying their tin canisters on their head with a bent iron strip used for collecting wastes from unpopulated areas where 'homeless' used to go for toilet. These jabartis are not seen in many areas as most of them are believed to have immigrated. In The Service of The Imam In Sana'a, before the 1962 Revolution, sweepers were housed in a place still known as "Samsra", situated at Bab-ul-Sabah Gate. They are still there. The Imam could not deny their services; but would not tolerate their being homeless as they used to defy that time's dusk-to-dawn "Sukat" (daily curfew); thus they were housed at "Samsra" which was a one-time shopping mall. The mall's glamour was gradually drained into a permanent resident for 5-10 sweepers families. Oosaifra & Shammasi In Greater Taiz, sweepers lived in Upper and Lower Oosaifra. Sweepers of these two areas took active part in the arsons and riots which took place in December 1992 violent demonstrations in protest of the first price hike after Unification. After the conditions came to normal, the affected 'capitalists' avenged by arranging torching sweepers areas. As a result Upper Oosaifra was immediately vacated and sweepers moved to a new 'colony' in Al-Shammasi suburb. Lower Oosaifra still has few of these sweepers while Upper Oosaifra witnessed construction works in favor of the 'capitalists'. 45km Road Situated in between Al-Sab'een Hospital area and Taiz Road, this area is famous for its "Saeela" - water passage -, where rain waters block traffic always. The area is hardly ten years old with a population of 3014. It shelters sweepers and citizens who have built hollow-bricked small houses. The land on which these houses have been built have two different stories. Some people say that the owners are Yemeni immigrants who are out of Yemen at present. Others say that during the 1997 parliamentary elections the General People's Congress, as a part of election campaign, 'presented' the land, said to be State estate, to the residents and allowed them build their residences. Therefore most residents here are sweeper GPC members. We do not know the real story but should the real owners reappear, problems will crop up. Of course, this will result in the demolition of sweepers' temporary abode. When the area 'aakel' was asked what would he do in case real owners of this land appear, he said: "We shall either buy these lands from them or pay them rental." Peaceful Sweepers They do not possess weapons and they do not carry "gambias". Whenever humiliated, they succumb to their oppressors. Origin Studies differ in defining their origin. Some relate them as Ethiopians who arrived into Yemen during the sixth century following the Ethiopian invasion of Yemen. One unconfirmed account claims that after the end of the Ethiopian rule, the remnants who could not flee Yemen remained trapped. They were turned into slaves and were forced to perform low-rank jobs which included cleaning of latrines and doing all works connected with sanitation. The account claims Yemenis avenged a one-time ruler. This makes us inquire: was not there any sweeper in Yemen before the Ethiopian invasion? Were Yemeni sweepers relieved of their job? Where did they go? Did they mingle in the Yemeni society? Did they migrate? Perhaps their complexions assist in this assessment as they have, in most, African characteristics in as far as the color of their skin, snub nose and tough, short curly hairs are concerned. Dr. Qayed Al-Sharjabi, in his research stated that they were outcast in Ethiopia itself. On arrival in Yemen they did not change. Aged sweepers deny any relations with Ethiopia. They claim to be sons of Yemen. A Sinan Muhammed Omer Al-Wasabi confirmed that his grand father hailed from Wisab Al-Aali in Dhamar Province. When asked about his great grand father he said: "I do not know where from he came." In Yemen, Western Tihama Coast is considered to be their homeland. They do not have lands of their own. They prefer to live in deserts and abandoned areas. They always lived in groups and formed their own 'settlements'. As time changed their 'settlements' continue to exist with their locations changed but their old time tents, shack, huts or mud-straw-mixed houses have now been replaced by mud or stone-made houses. They usually live 'sandwiched' in their small houses. The problem of small houses should be a separate subject as it concerns the Yemeni people as a whole. However, in sweepers life, small houses, congested with family members, have created immodesty. Religion Sweepers believe in Islam. Its teaching is that human beings are equal; but despite this we see the Muslim community today looks down at sweepers without any genuine reason. They harbor pent up antagonism against sweepers. They do not mention them in their discussions and never talk about their rights and duties. Haunted by discrimination, sweepers, in the past, used to perform their 5-time prayers at their homes . Few who cared to keep themselves clean, did attend mosques for prayers. Today we can see them in all mosques. Sweepers never felt the need to build their own mosques as if telling people that prayers never differentiate between the high and low rank people. It is not a surprise to find that at a certain mosque in Alhujarriyah-Al Zarraiqah area, the Imam of a mosque there is a khadem. In the past there were no preachers who, through their sermons, could draw the attention of people to avoid detesting akhdam but today, international, regional and local laws have tackled such a detest under human rights and other conventions. Akhdam did not even have learned-men or any representation in the State bodies (viz. parliament etc.) to advocate their case and demand justice in the face of discrimination.. They are ignorant of most important affairs of Islam. They are excluded from "Da'wa" (The Call). Tribal Affiliation Akhdam do not belong to any tribe of Yemen. Within their own society they have their own 'grades'. In each of their settlements they have their own 'aakel' (aged learned man) who settles their disputes. The fact is that one by one they start gathering in certain area. Then they marry inbetween them to form families. If one family comes from Aden, the second could be from Shabwah and the third from Hodeidah. It is the joint and common need - employment - which makes them assemble in one area. Actually they never belong to the area where they establish their settlement. As the number of families increase, they have their 'aakel' to look after their affairs. In Wisab Al-Aali (Dhamar) sweepers' settlement area stretched from one end to the other of this considerably large district. The number of 'uqqals (plural of 'aakel') is around 12-15. In between them, these 'uqqals' have elected a Shaikh. His name is Qaed Muhammed Al-Kaboudi who does spend 2-3 months in Sana'a settling all pending issues of his fellow-clan-men. We do not know to which extent the official circles recognize his 'sheikhdom' but he is really a strong man with authority. His services are always needed during elections. All police stations throughout the Republic have their own special ways and means to solve sweepers' 'special natured' disputes such as bad language, daily scuffles and adultery etc. Language Until recently sweepers used to be distinguished through their Tihama accent and phonation. Those who left Tihama area long ago, those who got merged in the society of different provinces and those at schools could not be distinguished easily now as their accent and phonation have changed.
  5. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....... another classic from bax bax land's main source...garowe online. funny people !!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........ , its so funny walahi i almost feel off my chair because of laughter, thanks for that one.
  6. somali is even more funny..this is a guy who hypothetically if he decides tomorrow to go back to erigavo, he will encounter a city 100% somalilander and a somaliland flag. amazing the delusion that these people live in, i think its a crime against themselves, everything you do in life should be judged according to practicality, if you can not visit your home city and instead scream on the internet, it says alot about you as an individual. Alxamdulilah for being a somalilander muslim, i live under the shahada..and in my own cities. i dont live in a fake existence i do not care if the world recognises me or not, the reality is i live in my own country, run it, maintain it and live under my flag. the bax bax lander syndrome can only be compared to what many christien go through, when you know something is not right but you have no choice. salam, funny people.
  7. libaan saxib caayda naga daa.. in 1991 the garado and saladin of Las canod and buhoodle signed the Somaliland declaration of independence after a 2-3 year conference. THAT IS THE LAW...WE DID NOT FORCE YOU TO SIGN IT, ITS A LEGAL DOCUMENT, THIS IS NOT SOMALIA, ALL LEGAL DOCUMENTS HAVE TO BE RESPECTED. LAs canod, calaan somaliland ba ka tagaan, Sool o dhan Calan Somaliland ba ka taagaan everywhere except bohoodle inshalahna buhoodle ki ugu wayna aya laga tagaya mardo saxib ! YOU UNDERSTAND.. if you have any questions go and speak to your caqil or suldaan and ask him why he signed it, this is a nation ! Are you discriminated against, no. Have you been killed or harrassed, no. Are you free to travel throughout the country, yes. Are you free to trade throughout the country, yes. Has the government added to the construction of las canod and sool, yes. marka sheko somalia naga daa, you will join us or cross the border into ethiopia or somalia saxib, those are your choices.
  8. if you say so.. use it in las canod if its so good, come on .. use it to support the so called "SSC" who have completely fallen apart. Use it against the pirate infestation, the severe human trafficing, money duplication and multiple other problems you have. Its like me saying i got the C.I.A yet my nation is afghanistan. i think its the bax bax land syndrome speaking again.
  9. The age of alshabab...the final nail on the coffin of the worlds most cursed nation. Only God knows what these women did, it is for him to judge i am only a mere human. death is death we all die, it is a certainty, just like your birth.
  10. djibouti saxib dont insult me, the CAMA SAVA REPUBLIC has worse airports and other then the central bit of the town djibouti is a dump its army is estimated at under 12,000 men ! When eriteria invaded it and Somaliland said it will defend it if it was invaded they practically danced on the streets. i miss debating with educated well versed people, mad mullah ...return to the alshabab quarters saxib, your time will come see you and alshabab at the border in a year or so time.
  11. "libaan" suffers from what the bax bax landers suffer from i think its really endemic in Somalia its known as "false perception of reality and a strong inferiority complex syndrome". their star general comes to them and he becomes there number one man, he switches to somaliland and becomes a nobody over night. Saxib, in all honousty this is why your country Somalia is cursed, Xasadin do not prosper, they fall deeper and deeper into misery. Saado Cali...start baking some more cakes..
  12. i know why you call him the cheif clown, i know you sh**t your pants when this man speaks, why would you post his comments if you didnt think they were important, again we see the typical BAX BAX LANDER qualities, making others look inferior to boost their own weak pathetic ego's. saxib wake up to the real world, you live in the american projects, a nation of refugees on food stamps, who's other relatives sleep outside the kenyan and ethiopian american embassies waiting to leave the failed state of Somalia. I have probably been to bosaso more times then you, and i have only been once, wasnt much (walahi you should organise a food donation waa lagu ducayn laha saxib walahi). This is Somaliland saxib, the mightest Somali state today, give respect to were its due thats the rule of men, but we see another bax bax lander quality again. dont worry what ever helps you sleep at night. saxib ma iska daya ...saaas ba galay !!!
  13. Its better for me that you remain stateless, but with or without a state i know somali's will never amount to much politically or as a nation. As for khat, saxib my uncle mr. 571 makes more money from chat in bosaso then he does in hargaisa. REALITY....BAX BAX LANDERS...REMEMBER THIS IS THE REAL WORLD. 1-2-3-4-5 CLAP...WAKE UP !!!
  14. are you guys smoking crack or something .. saxib let this guy cry himself to sleep if he wants to. according to you because Godane is from hargaisa, Somaliland is somehow finished, its always one thing or another, and i still keep emphasizing REALITY, not delusion. The U.S. state department for african affairs stated that we will work with Somaliland as a seperate government and provide it double the allocated U.S. support of previous administrations, The European Union the same thing. The african union will do the same in time they need a precedent to get that ball rolling and that is comming with the case of Southern Sudan. Ethiopia has also stated that it will support Somaliland against any threat with arms and support. as regards to the ONLF, i last remember 200 men who landed of the shore at night and tried to run through to the boarder in pitch darkness, ending up completely sorrounded on top of a hill and later ending up in Ethiopian and Somaliland prisons, but according to a bax bax lander such as yourself WOW....THAT IS AMAZING NEWS, now i know why they call you a bax bax lander. Saxib, alxamdullilah we are getting stronger, and it doesnt matter how retarded silanyo is, the world values Somaliland with or without him.
  15. puntland intelligence agency.... walahi that one made me laugh thanks for that one, just understand dreamers that i dominate you, have done historically and still do till this day, call me what you want, waaaaaaaaaaaa cry about it all you want. keep dreaming, you do not exist anymore, Alshabab will rule the south and you shortly, Somaliland dominate the "north", this government is finished alshabab does not recognise you or us, you are in a permanent paralysis. enjoy ....