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  1. _44194391_arsenalgoalscorers203.jpg


    I cant believe no one even dared mention what happened to Slavia Prague. Best win in Arsenal history. Arsenal 7-0 Slavia Prague.


    We a wait to see what happens to Liverpool on Sunday.




    Club stats


    (all statistics are ahead of this weekend's round of Premier League fixtures)

    1. Unbeaten in 10 Premier League matches. Won five and drawn five since losing 1-0, away to Fulham on 5 May.


    2. Completed 35 league games since a defeat by more than a single goal; that being 3-0, away to Arsenal on 12 November 2006.


    3. The current tally of 19 points after nine games is their best return to this stage of a Premier League season since 2002-03, when they had 21 points at this same stage and went on to finish fifth. But a higher finish has been attained in three of the four subsequent seasons, after inferior starts.


    4. Conceded the opening goal in only one league game this season (v Everton in the Merseyside derby at Goodison - their most recent league outing).


    5. Conceded just five Premier League goals; one every 162 minutes (two hours 42 minutes) on average.


    6. Let in just two Premier League goals in the first half. Only Manchester United can match that.


    7. The highest placed of the seven clubs with just one home win in this Premier League campaign.


    8. This is the second of six matches in 18 days, in a schedule that includes league fixtures away to Blackburn and home to Fulham.





    Club stats


    (all statistics are ahead of this weekend's round of Premier League fixtures)

    1. Won their last 12 in all competitions, eclipsing the 11-match winning conclusion to the 2001-02 season. But that sequence continued into 2002-03 with victory in the first two matches, making a combined total of 13 successive victories.


    2. Won the last seven Premier League matches, failing to drop a point since the 1-1 draw, away to Blackburn on 19 August.


    3. It is their longest winning league sequence since nine on the bounce were recorded between 10 January and 20 March 2004. (The club record is 14, registered between February and August 2002).


    4. Unbeaten in 16 league outings; won 11 and drawn five since the 0-1 home loss to West Ham on 7 April. It's their longest undefeated league run since the club record sequence of 49 ended this week three years ago (24 October 2004).


    5. Won more Premier League matches this season than any other club (eight) and dropped fewer points (two).


    6. Boasting the strongest attack in the highest league with 21 goals scored in nine outings, which averages at one every 39 minutes.


    7. The only club to have scored in every Premier League game in the division this season.


    8. This is the second of a hectic programme of six games in 21 days. The schedule includes a home fixture with Manchester United and a trip to Reading in the league, a Carling Cup tie away to Sheffield United and a visit to Slavia Prague in the Champions League.

  2. Hmm I wonder how those who wrote Arsenal off are feeling now that they are top of the tops....and playing what Rude G. called "Sexy football". Football should be played Wengers way and won the way its worn by them young ones who are now top of the European Group and ofcouse the premiership. I just hope that those who doubted Arsenal are now wondering and swallowing hard:)

  3. Hey Bro> Notherner...how r u doing man ...Well Im still in E.Africa and enjoying it too. Somehow wherever I go I get stuck and never wanna leave. Its a shame that it took me this long to get back. Anyway Im not sure when I will be on the flight back to Winter/polluted lands but I shall ofcouse pass by and get you...a masai worrier for better propagation smile.gif

  4. Well I just discovered that seing the African scenery on abike is much much better especially when you can smell the the flowers, grass and see all sorts of animals. Nature has trully blessed Africa and yet we can only appreciate when we get back from places like london. Im on my way to the Nile today and boy am I looking forward to the prospect of sitting near the river with waiters and waitresses working and walking around you and jumping at the rise of an eye brow.. smile.gif By the way how are you my fellow Londoners....Its been awhile since I smelled the rubbery smells of the tube and coming home with a full nose of it the dark stuff..)

  5. Now that the dust has somehow settled Im beginning to see the reality on the ground with the number of people always on the increase and ofcouse more choas and police always on the prawl looking for Somalis who are mostly scared of being seized by them for reasons of not possessing legal documents or for looking out of place like I do now. Having heard of the news about thieves taking one on gun point and ofcouse being picked by police without any notice has played alot on my mind. I have thus far been stopped twice now for not looking like the usual folks around the eastleigh area. Once I was with a friend and was suddenly stopped by two uniformed police who said to my friend "we know you but you dont like you are from this area.." I was slightly stunned for being picked out from abunch of Malis roaming the neighbourhood. Yesterday as I came out of my lodge I kinda bumped into my brother who suggested that I went with to this Ethiopian Canjeero place to sample the food so reluctantly I went with him and as we walked passed a throng of people I was suddenly ceased by two guys and as I was stunned I ended up turnning the guy upside down and punching him only to realise I was surrounded by four more and my brother who was walking ahead of me suddenly shouted stop they are plain cloths. So then I knew I Was in trouble of doing what I did so I told them that I was not from the neighbourhood and that I was was stunned as they never showed any form of ID. They took me to their car and suddenly were threatening me by staff like you arrogant just because you are from the UK and that I was a terrorist and working with what is termed here as Mungiki. Damn they said all sorts of things withing the 20 mins. I was in their car. I was told to get all that was in my pockets and then one asked for dollars. Luckily enough I wasnt carrying any money other than forty bucks so I apologised for almost breaking ones wrist and told them to have it. So I was let go. I believe its ajungle over here and anyone who comes here should always look behind their shoulder as its either the police or thieves who pounce on you unnoticed. Im learning to live here now but that kinda spoilt it for me somehow.


    Oh by the way I havent got round to downloading the pictures but hopefully will soon...


    To be continued.. smile.gif

  6. Greetings to all from E.Africa. After along and laborious journey to the heart of E.Africa, Im on the ground atlast and boy does it seem strange after seventeen years or what! I cant seem to get my head around all the chaos and dust that hits you the first time you arrive in alittle neighbourhood known as Eastleigh. The people the ghettoes full of greatr buildings surrounded by mud dirt and people of all sorts running around without a care and minicabs that climb over rubbish moulds that would seem like an accident waiting to happen.

    Ah well I guess Im not used to the idea of it all. The good news is that I have seen some of my beloved folks and family. They are fine though the number of years I have been away have somehow managed to take their toll. Still a very happy and heart warming arrival. Im glad Im home.


    On my way over here I managed to stop over at Dubai and see the place that gives alot of cities arun for their money interms of investments and design. It was great but the heat makes you sing and sweat. You step out of the shadows at your peril. My first day was spent recovering from my jetlag so I managed to catch some sleep and tried to walk around old Dubai which happens to be the centre of the Gold market. I was suprised by the sudden surge in number of people coming out at night to shop and socialise. All over the place are little corridors and paths that are full of people either negotiating deals or trying to make useless conversations to make them forget about the heat that is out there once one steps out of the AC range.


    My second day was pretty kool. My great brother Northerner came to my rescue and managed to show me most of Dubais cosmopolitan affluent areas. Dubai somehow prides itself to do anything to the extreme and includes the first mall with a ski resort with all the trimmings of resorts in the same mould as in Switzerland with exception of being indoors rather than outdoors. We managed to see the great malls and different suuqs and they all had some amazing features. We travelled in style as Northerner only drove the best of four wheelers which was like travelling first class. I had agreat tour thanks to Northerner who Im sure at the end of the night had lost a few pounds due to the beat on the streets of Dubai. I thank you for an amazing day and ofcouse all your help:)


    Pictures and other stories to follow......as soon as I get a USB cable tht I cant seem to find right now.

  7. Well Paragon looks like you have arrived atlast. I can just imagine you seated near a window taking pictures of the roads and anything that walks on two and fours. Ah well hope you are feeling the vibes, smell and fresh air. Im on my way Inshallah cometh tenth of June though I must admit flying isnt something I always looked forward to hence the length of time I have been grounded in this island.


    Northener:- if you are anywhere in Dubai on Thursday or Friday let me know so we can hook up for some shiisha:)

  8. So far we have seen the spanner in the works in as far as submissiveness is concerned; we have seen the religious aspect of the right marriage and ofcouse we have the seen those who would be great househusbands and ofcouse wives. The house stats and economics have been put through the tasks and enviably some of us wish for what we can’t have and that is a Dheylo by the name of Dhucdhuc who makes every man around here only dream of what could have been if they were as lucky as Mrs. Dheylo’s hubby.


    Having said that, a question to all is who is the submissive wife to be or husband to be in this picture? Moral of the story is I wouldn’t mind being saddled with a wife who says yes to the right things and say yes but that wouldn’t be so clever to the wrong ones


    My advice to you is get married: if you find a good wife you'll be happy; if not, you'll become a philosopher. and maybe sing in the marfishyasha:)

  9. Why is it that when someone talks about intimacy and love we tend to jump the gun and think that person is love? Isnt a topic we can talk about freely without analysing the poster or is this just another way of the mali way of debating issues:)

  10. Dont you just hate it when you find her and she goes hmmm you are agreat friend and Im sure you will make agreat husband to the lucky lady smile.gif


    Perfection can be anything to anyone looking at that moment depending on what you call perfect!

  11. Thanks Zenobia though the name somehow doesn’t ring a bell. Perhaps it could be a case of memory loss but I believe you had a different name while I was here:) Still many thanks:)


    back to the topic...


    The exodus and the self denial continues. Thousands flee the Somalia every year as refugees to live work abroad and become citizens of the country that welcomed them.

    They are willing to endure any hardship, travel any distance, suffer humiliation at the hands of cruel hosts and feel the pain loss of their children, husbands and wives and most of all pride. They are the heroes of selfless sacrifice, sending millions of dollars back to their families

    Incidentally, these millions are keeping the Somali families a live in a sea of political corruption and destruction. A lot won’t ever go back and a lot more will never know the proud nation that was once Somalia. Many more too hide under other pseudo tribes like the Arabs and even believe to be part of the Middle East. Now if that aint total humiliation then I wouldn’t know what is? The Arab league so far hasn’t done anything to help other than fatten some War lords who in turn ostracize their people using these funds.

    Infact one has to just look at the fate of the Palestinians who are true Arabs and among Arabs and yet who the hell cares about their plight. Now do we as Somalis ever expect to get anything other than the response Aswad or hadaa Xumaar? Somehow I don’t see myself as an Arab nor do I even look like them. We need our pride back and we sure need to advocate for it. The only thing we share with them is Religion anything else is hmmm well I wouldn’t know. All you have to do is look at the Somalis who have lived in the Arab world and how they eventually get uprooted despite having grandchildren born there.

    Somalis have lost their value as citizens and with that comes a lack of confidence which is seen amongst many as they claim to be what they are not just because of the ruthless destruction of the nation that was once proud. National pride wears thin when poverty, corruption, harassment, political stagnation, violence, luck of funds and life-time unemployment are all that awaits them in Somalia. Once abroad, with decent wages, they work hard without complaint. However with this status quo comes the lack of confidence in being what you are and you eventually start adapting other races that happen to be successful in their country and help themselves.


    We feel we want to belong to those races just because what is Somali today is seen as failure and that inherent now.

  12. Lool hmmm interesting to know that wearing pants may make the other go to exile aka marfish:)


    I would say though that one needs to learn from their mistakes as well as what makes them tick I guess no one should tell you what went right or wrong:)

  13. Lool hmmm interesting to know that wearing pants may make the other go to exile aka marfish:)


    I would say though that one needs to learn from their mistakes as well as what makes them tick I guess no one should tell you what went right or wrong:)

  14. Anagu carab baan nahay is a cliché used by many a Somali….what are your thoughts. Does being Somali mean anything? Could this be the reason why we dont understand what somali means?


    Sorry if this one has already been discussed. You may chose to ignore it...


    Your thoughts...

  15. Oh kudos to all those who wlc me back and yes it’s been a little frustrating not being able to come and have my say around this neighborhood. I take it a lot of you have also changed names as I don’t recognize some of you. Still my pleasure to see ya all in one peace.



    To continue with the topic....


    For some unknown reason we seem to somehow make conclusion that being submissive or being agreeable is a bad thing and totally weird however some of the most successful relationships are likely to be those where people understand their roles and work to their strength. Like it or loath it there is always a leader somewhere whether at home or work place who calls the shots.


    In every relationship, one party is slightly more dominant than the other. Even in the most equitable of relationships, the power of leadership is not split equally. One may have control over decision making, be it what to do on the weekend, or should they holiday in Dubai or Nairobi. But one person, through choice or inherent personality traits acquiesces to the other’s dominance.


    While the topic may invoke dominant and submissive undertones in the bedroom, it is not something I would like to imagine.


    Within the realms of the relationship itself, I ask, does it matter? If Farax likes to be led by his xalimo, or if Abdi is happy leaving his decision-making to his wife, who are we to judge or ridicule? The facts remain that some men like to be controlling while others like being driven.


    Wearing the pants in the relationship should be the couple’s choice. And with that choice, I question if an individual is consistent across their relationships or if they swing depending on the other party’s personality.


    In your present and/or past relationships, are you the one who wears the pants? Have you been consistent in your relationships to date, or does your partner’s personality influence your behavior? Does wearing the pants equate to sexual dominance in the bedroom? Are you the type who likes to sit on the fence, or the one who falls into the “yes dear/whatever you want to do” variety? Do you harbour silent frustrations at your partner’s indecisiveness or control? Either way, are you content with who wears the pants in your relationship?


    Your thoughts…