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  1. As we see more violence by islamic groups in somalia, Should Somalia take adifferent angle in eradicating groups using Islamic ideals to murder the poor citizens of somalia. Isnt it time we saw these groups as unislamic and only used as pawns by certain Islamic religious sects around the world. Islam is a peaceful religion and respects human life.

  2. Plenty of time folks and as they say Rome wasnt built in aday. Just moved in a new stadium, sorted most of the financial problems that are associated with most teams other than those financed with petro dollars. Chair managing and real management will never be the same. The guy has done more than any manager has done albeit not winning many atrophy. Success comes with having firm foundations and not overnight. Blackburn and chalsea are good examples. The future is bright despite the mistakes made.

  3. Its almost twenty years now since Somalia has known any kind of peace, let alone a people who think alike. I notice that whatever one does in todays Somalia. there will always be objection and people who wont see beyond their noses. Its time we put our differences aside and supported one government, its people at large and pulled together for the sake of not losing anymore lives. Sharif apparently has history on his side as someone who has the potential to make peace and bring peace to a land and nation that has no hope. Our people have suffered enough and dont need anymore violence and hopefully negative innuendoes. Lets commit to something futuristic rather than live in the past and bring peace together for the sake of those poor people who have endured more than anyone can regardless of political affiliations. A new sheriff is in town so lets make peace and lets hope he is abetter man as he has already shown by not being trigger happy. I can only assume those who are shelling him are scared criminals with apast that will come to haunt them should he succeed.

  4. Interesting, the fact that you even comtemplating the idea makes me laugh. Aresen is Arsenal and without him, Arsenal would probably go down the drain. I believe good things come to those who plan meticulously and for the long haul and now that is done. We will be in the driving sit with the young crop of players coming through. Ofcouse this season has yet to end so who knows what could be!!

  5. Im buffled by comments made by the Solers in on this thread. Now who of you knows that this guy may end up killing muslims in his lifetime of service? If anyone can be that forward thinking then perhaps they can foresee their demise and how they will die too. Secondly I cant see why you keep bashing anyone who tries to make life work for them and the list goes on from welfare, taxi drivers, marfish vendors and now a soldier who may or may never ever kill anyone. I dont see what is so wrong with making something of your life.


    I know taxi drivers who richer than white colar workers anyday so is it the image or the job that you find unbearable? Could it be that this is away of making yourselves more comfortable in reflection to your failed lives?


    In any case the enemy of Somalis is Somali. All you gotta see is your backyards and how our own kill our own and both being Muslims.

  6. Been there n done it too.....n naaa didnt get infected rather felt sorry for the many who r either poor or just uprooting well to do families who have everything just to see what the west has to offer. Seen millionaire families get broken down just to come over and so it aint just about haves n have nots though the majority tend to be runnning from all sorts of colourful violence.

  7. Buufiis has taken its toll on Somalis in Africa. Men, women and children have no other ear other than Warya how do I get to Europe and America. If its awoman she would marry u for just wanting to take her abroad. As for men hmm they would do anything for alady holding apassport from the above. No one is immune to buufiis today esp the Somalis of Africa.

  8. Maxaad qoftaa laqanineysa Sxb. My grandad married a modern young lady who tried to kiss him and guess what! he devorced her for wanting to bite him. As for public show of passion, how would one show passion in public when they dont do it in private!

  9. To find a person whose mind mirrors our own — mirrors:

    their thoughts are our thoughts, our thoughts are theirs, not because they want to be, because they naturally are — when you find a person who thinks as highly of you as you do of yourself and vice versa.


    Live in Paradise and go to paradise....either way strive regardless and enjoy. Make sure your life hasnt been wasted by either giving to all those who deserves giving and ofcouse never having regrets when they are gone.

  10. suddenly we r falling for the unfallable.....I love the mystery about names where one hits on the unknown. Tweety was twetterin.. smile.gif


    Oh by the I cant remember changing mine but if I did it must have been in the 20th century:)

  11. Well as it is I have been away from this site for a while now and it looks like everytime I login there is I see new names I cant recorgnise though they could easily be my past next door neighbour taking cover. I suppose alot of folks around here do lie a lot and ofcouse need to change names as they either get bored or come back with a different nick so they wont be recorgnised. Now Im wondering if this is a mirror into the changers psych!


    Why would change your nick and does it do you justice to do so? Is it because you luck creativity, hiding, embarassed, hit a snug or just need a new fashionable name?

  12. What can I say sis...this place grows on you everyday and I must admit I missed it profusely and had to take time out of the fast lane. Hoping to get back inshallah pretty soon. Though Im not sure I will stay out there long this time. Anyway how are all buddies doing. Pleasurable rendezvous I must say seing u all.